Biz Tips: How to Use Marketing for Your Startup — 5 Featured Stories

Biz Tips: How to Use Marketing for Your Startup — 5 Featured Stories


How to Use Marketing for Your Startup — 5 Featured Stories

If you’ve been on Medium for more than five minutes, you know that startups are a hot topic across publications.

Hustle this, innovate that.

But beyond buzzwords and articles encouraging you to just “grind harder,” if you’re a startup founder or team member, you need actionable advice for how to market and grow your company.


Several Mark Growth contributors offer just that. In articles written from hard lessons learned and with the spirit of helping fellow entrepreneurs, you can find guidance for what to do next.

This week’s featured article highlights a Q & A with a serial entrepreneur-turned-investor. In Johan van Mil weighs in on which startup founder is the Hacker, the Hipster or the Hustler, Jun Song writes about the difference between the Hacker, the Hipster and the Hustler, and why each role is essential to an effective startup team.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

Check out startup growth and marketing advice from these Mark Growth contributors.

A Simple Landing Page Can Save Your Startup From Fail

This helpful article by Product Tribe can save you from a lot heartbreak. It’s less about landing pages and more about validating your value prop and pricing with a landing page.

Get priceless early stage startup tips here.

100+ Ways to Distribute and Promote Your Blog Content in 2018

If you’re using content marketing to increase awareness of your startup brand, then you need to be a content distribution guru. Etienne Garbugli offers a huge list of ways to do this.

Learn 100 ways to get your content seen by more people.

20 Stats That Prove Your Startup Needs Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is a powerful tool. If you need some convincing, Launchway Media compiled a list of 20 data-backed reasons why you should be using it to build your brand.

Learn more here.

How To Get Your First 1,000 True Fans (Kevin Kelly Style)

If you’re a startup founder, you’re probably scrambling for users or sales to prove to VCs that you know what you’re doing. Tim Rettig outlines another approach: focusing on quality over quantity.

Get his advice here.

The one question every startup Founder or CEO should ask, according to Storytelling Master: Susan Lindner

Jun Song dishes on even more startup advice with an interview with Susan Linder.

Find out what question every startup founder (and hell, even leaders for established businesses) should ask.

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