Biz Tips: How to use Instagram to improve your crowdfunding exposure

Biz Tips: How to use Instagram to improve your crowdfunding exposure


How to use Instagram to improve your crowdfunding exposure

Instagram continues to be the leading platform for engagement. As a matter of fact, it is one of the top social platforms for influencer marketing, which makes it a crucial network for engagement during your crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to get your crowdfunding campaign noticed, and Instagram is where you can do just that.

Even though Facebook ads are a must when it comes to gaining maximum exposure, the latest rise in Instagram traffic shows us that it’s another great avenue for exposure. Let’s take a look at what you have to do to get the most Instagram engagement possible for your crowdfunding campaign.

Take advantage of the profile URL

A well-known obstacle for Instagram exposure is being unable to add URLs to Instagram posts. Luckily, Instagram helped us by allowing business profiles to add URLs to Instagram Stories. However, you still have to make sure you add a proper URL, complete with tracking features, to your profile description. This link should redirect people straight to your campaign page and enable you to monitor the traffic rate simultaneously.

Here are some useful tools to help:

Linkin by Later — Linkin lets you build a custom landing page that looks just like your Instagram profile, but with posts that you can actually click.

Linkkle — Linkkle gives you a common landing to add your social links and campaign URL.

You can also ask your users to check the link in your bio each time you create a post.


Hashtags are nothing new when it comes to social media platforms, but they are too important to neglect. In fact, when it comes to Instagram, hashtags may be the most important aspect of engagement. You can add up to 30 hashtags to each post to help your photos get noticed. To be most effective, make sure that they relate to your product category and content. A great iOS app that can help you find relevant hashtags is Hashtag Expert for IG. It even shows their popularity based on statistical results.

Check out these New Rules for Instagram Hashtags in 2018.

Quickly reply to comments

Interaction is the starting point of engagement. If you receive a comment, direct message or a reply to your Instagram Story, you should reply as soon as you can. Set a daily timer to respond to comments so that you’re always on top of them. You should also spend time interacting with other profiles and posts that are associated with your niche. This allows you to develop a better brand value for your campaign as early as possible.

Realize the power of Instagram Stories

As previously mentioned, Instagram Stories let you share URLs, making it an ideal place to share your campaign on a daily basis. But it doesn’t end there. Instagram Stories also give you a place to communicate with your backers, share your brand story and more. You can use hashtags, add GIFs, mention other profiles, share your location, and so on to gain more exposure in the Instagram community. By doing this, you’ll increase your engagement and credibility.

Use Instagram Live throughout your campaign

Live video gives you the opportunity to interact with potential backers. The Instagram Live video feature is a great place to talk with people about your campaign and gain more exposure. Go live a few times throughout your campaign to answer questions or discuss popular topics involving your campaign. You can also go live once the campaign is over to chat about the manufacturing process and provide updates on how things are going. Your backers will have peace of mind and stay interested thanks to these real-time conversations.

Combine everything you need in your profile

Your profile should be the ideal balance of everything in order to gain the most exposure possible. That means that your profile should have single product photos, carousel posts, video clips under a minute long, and more. You should also highlight your Stories on your profile page so they can still be seen after they expire.

There’s no doubt that Instagram has the power to take your campaign even further. What is your number one Instagram tip? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.

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