Biz Tips: How to turn your Shopify Store into a Chatbot in 5 Minutes

Biz Tips: How to turn your Shopify Store into a Chatbot in 5 Minutes


How to turn your Shopify Store into a Chatbot in 5 Minutes

What if Email Marketing was Smart?

Imagine if email marketing was smarter, if it could automatically respond to emails, learn about your customers and if it could do things like book appointments, guide customers towards a purchase, and then follow up post purchase with upsells, reviews and shipping notifications.

Now, imagine that your open rates were a whopping 75% and your click through rates were between 30 and 45%.

Would you jump on this?

Welcome to the world of Chatbots…. and we’re just getting started!

In this article, I will show you the best ways to leverage an e-commerce chatbot for store and how to implement this in the next 15 minutes.

Chatbot Superpowers

Chatbots have a number of key advantages, kind of like superpowers, that give them a huge advantage over other marketing channels.

Let’s dive in…

  1. Super High Open Rates: When a Bot sends a message, typical open rates are around 65%-90% compared to email which is around 10–25%.
  2. Collapse the Sales Funnel: Most e-commerce sites have a 1–3% conversion rate which means that you’re not monetizing 97% of your traffic! For every 100 people to visit your site, about 97 are a complete waste. Conversely, if the same 100 people visited your bot, you can later contact all 100 people!
  3. Personalization: You website would show all 100 people the same exact content, however a bot can be smart about what it shows, to who and when. Your bot can learn about the user and show the right product to the right person at the right time!

And this is just the beginning! See what else it can do…

Chatbot for Shopify

Ultimately, Chatbots are a smart way to automatically communicate with customers in a smart way. In other words, we can create rules around what a users says, and respond accordingly. We can take the customer down a conversational flow, similar to what a salesperson does, and help them purchase our goods and services.

In the end, this allows us to automate certain features/conversations. Let’s take a look:

E-Commerce Chatbot Features:

  • Auto Abandoned Cart Recovery: Abandoned cart email tools can recover as much as 50%, however you need to have the email first! With bots, we can increase the amount of people we can message and the number of carts we can recover by using the Checkbox Plugin on the product page.
  • Smart Up-sell & Down-sell: After a customer buys a product they are 33% more likely to buy another product. The bot sends them a Message and an Email with an up-sell.
  • Receipts: After a purchase we can send the user their receipt and let them subscribe to shipping updates. This will dramatically decrease the number of shipping inquiries your store receives.
  • Customer Reviews: After the customer has received their purchase, your bot can ask for a review and get feedback. This is a great way to develop relationship with the customer and find out what else is on his shopping list.

Let’s Go Live in 10 Minutes

Making this bot is easy… super easy.

The reason is because we will be leveraging 2 amazing tools. First we will use the GoBeyond Shopify App that turns our Store into a Bot and connect it to the GoBeyond Template on Chatfuel. To this you will need 2 things:

  1. Sign up GoBeyond App on Shopify: This App has all of the features discussed above including advanced NLP.
  2. Chatfuel Account: Chatfuel is the leading Bot Building platform and has numerios broadcasting and targeting features.

Once you have signed up for both, watch the video below or head over to the Shopify Chatbot Tutorial to setup your bot.

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