Biz Tips: How to Trend Your Branded GIFs

Biz Tips: How to Trend Your Branded GIFs


How to Trend Your Branded GIFs

Ever have someone say “show me results first”?

Well, that’s what I had when a client pushed back about my services. We are such a new Ad agency, we know we can get results we just don’t have case studies to show proof. Even when I tell them I pulled off viral campaigns that lead to 2.1 million people to upload pics in a branded hashtag in 24hrs.

So, I took to my own brand to show what we can do.

Probably one of the craziest tests I’ve ever done on myself for a client.

The question was: How can I get a brand in front of people in a fun, delightful way in LinkedIn Messaging, on Facebook, in Facebook Messenger, in Twitter and Instagram Stories?

Well, how about my single fav content medium? Heck, I am the organizer of Singapore’s very first GIF Festival feat. on MTV.

So, I hired a videographer.

We recorded over a green screen.

He sent me a google drive with the videos.

I edited with yellow background. It’s a sweet color not used enough.

I cut the videos into 5 sec. clips.

I did hashtag research on Giphy and the Emotional Graph on Tenor.

Uploaded over 40 gifs to GIPHY on my personal page. (should have used a branded partner page but well, lesson learned for my client)

Re-uploaded them to Tenor with hashtags. Using my name too so i can easily search. (this is the important piece! don’t forget!)

Started messaging my friends on FB Messenger, and it made me feel so good.

Started messaging my friends on Telegram, awwwww!

Started messaging every new contact on LinkedIn with a hello gif of myself to start that conversation. (I get 30–40 new contact requests per day so this was the bulk of my time!)

Other people started using my branded gifs.

Now I’m trending #1 spot with this gif for ‘yeah like duh’
it’s also trending for ‘like duh’ and ‘duh’

Other ones are trending for ‘wtf’ ‘wtf man’

Tenor featured my ‘what are you talking about’ right next to Obama & Jim Carey.

So next time someone says “Show me results”, try a mini-test on yourself.

Just wanted to share this story if anyone else is struggling with clients coming at cha.

Now it’s your turn to talk that talk.



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