Biz Tips: How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Statusbrew

Biz Tips: How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Statusbrew


How to Manage Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns With Statusbrew

Statusbrew, a powerful social media marketing automation tool for individuals, brands, businesses, and organizations to manage their social media marketing campaigns.

Social media is the #1 go-to for brands, businesses, organizations, and individuals to promote their brands and businesses, thereby:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Drive traffic
  • Engage with their target market
  • Maximize ROI
  • Etc.

That is what we call social media marketing.

In fact, social media will help take your business to the next height. The benefits of social media marketing are enormous.

However, the are lots of social media platforms in the digital marketing circle, and as a marketer you cannot possible be active on all of them all by yourself.

It can be overwhelming, thus, you need a helping hand to reduce the workload and help make things easier for you.

That is where Statusbrew comes in.

What is Statusbrew?

From my experience, Statusbrew is a unified social media management tool that simplifies your social media marketing efforts and generate fascinating results with its amazing strategic marketing features.

However, here is how Statusbrew help centre puts it:

Statusbrew is a unified social media management platform which provides you with the ease to have access to multi-channel publishing, audience monitoring and brand management tools which are no less than any catalyst when it comes to the strategic implementation of your marketing and social media needs.

Yes, I cannot agree any-less because Statusbrew ease’ your social media marketing efforts by helping you put your brand message in front of millions of targeted market in less time and with little effort.

Statusbrew offers you a variety of remarkable features to boost your social media marketing campaign and maximize your ROI.

The features of this incredible tool are divided into four main sections with a host of subsection features under each main section.

The four main sections are:

As mentioned, Statusbrew has four main features to help ease your social media marketing processes.

The first one of the main features is:

1• Publish

The Publish feature offers you a platform to create content for your social media accounts and schedule your content accordingly across social channels.

After creating content, you have the choice to post your content immediately or schedule them for posting at a future date across various social media sites.

You can choose to post same content on all social media sites where you have a presence, or you can schedule a variety of content for posting at different times of the day, week, or months ahead.

In this way, Statusbrew helps you be active and maintain consistency across social channels.

This tool also let you schedule content for posting at the right time when your buyer persona are sure to see and engage with your content.

However, there are other features that falls under the Publish section, and are divided into three sub-sections. They are:

  • Create Post
  • Category
  • Planner

Now, let us discuss the various features of the sub-sections mentioned above.

Create post

The create post section is where you create social media content and schedule them for posting on various social platforms.

After creating your content, you can choose to post immediately, or schedule your content for posting at a future time of day, week, or months as mentioned earlier.

Another feature that fascinates me is the CSV or Bulk upload feature. The CSV allows you to schedule content in bulk by uploading a CSV file.

The CSV feature is remarkable because it takes the workload off your hands and saves you enormous amount of time by helping you schedule your posts months ahead in a single click.


Your target audience are not on the same time zone. They live in different time zones which is why you need to create categories to help you schedule content at the right time.

Whether you’re creating content for posting or uploading CSV files, the Category section allows you to create content schedules that targets your buyer persona according to each timezone with ease.


The Planner feature offers you a comprehensive overview of all your content – both scheduled content on your quere and published content.

I call the Planner, “The Content Calendar” because it offers you a platform to see and review all your posts in real time.

From there you can figure out how your posts are performing across social sites, edit them as desired, and publish immediately or schedule accordingly.

We’ve discussed much about the “Publish” features. Let’s talk a little about the “Audience” features as well.

2• Audience

Source Image: Unsplash

It is important to have targeted social media followers who will interact and engage with the contents you share.

Without loyal followers, you have no brand.

Therefore, the Audience feature allows you to grow and manage your audience.

This section has three sub-section features that falls under it. They are:

  • Manage
  • Grow
  • Source

How does the manage feature works?


The manage feature allows you to manage your followers, specifically your Twitter followers.

From this section you can manage your Twitter followers, fans, and unfollowers respectively.

With this feature, you can follow your target audience and unfollow those not following you back.

It has a filter option which allow you to put in place your preferences – who to follow, who to unfollow, etc.


As the name indicates, grow literally means to add up and multiply. Hence, the grow feature will help you grow your Twitter followers significantly.

It helps you identify and follow influencers in your niche. With this tool you can also identify targeted buyer persona to follow by using keywords.

Next in line is:


The source feature is a fascinating tool that enables you to monitor and copy the followers of your competitors.

Copying your competitor’s Followers is a remarkable way to grow your target followers on Twitter because your competitor’s followers already qualified as your targeted market in your niche.

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3• Team

The team management feature is design to allow team members to collaborate in projects, improve productivity and maximize team work.

This feature gives you the option to invite other team members to work with on a project.

From here you can conveniently allocate each member a role to play in the project you’re working on for maximum results.

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4• Reporting

Reporting feature comes with a breathtaking, complete analytics report of how your contents are performing across various social media sites.

The analytics also includes an overview of how your follower count is performing – follower growth and unfollowers.

It also shows you the number of media content you posted on same day.

This feature is grouped into three subsections:

  • Audience
  • Engagement
  • Content

So then, let talk about these features.


​The Audience feature offers you a view of your audience behavior – new followers and unfollowers.


Engagement feature enables you to figure out how your contents are performing across social media channels.

It provides you a complete report in graphics of the engagement rate of your content, such as how many comments, likes, shares, and impressions your content has obtained over a period of time.


The content feature offers you insight on how your posts are performing across social channels.

It helps you understand content types that are generating much engagement and posts that are less engaging.

This feature is amazing because it enables you identify the type of content your target market loves best.

Inasmuch as Statusbrew has amazing features to help grow your business, it also have some incredible plans for everyone or industry.

Statusbrew have three main plans for your every needs. The plans are:

  • Basic
  • Essential
  • Business

The first in line…

Basic plan

The basic plan is a free plan for individuals who do not have the budget to go premium. This plan is ideal for starters – those just starting out on social media.

Unlike a premium plan, the basic plan allows you to connect five different social media profiles from among your social media accounts, schedule 10 posts per profile, and offers insight on your Twitter follower growth.

As a free user you can only follow and unfollow ten users per day.

Essential plan

Essential plan is perfect for small and medium size businesses that are serious about their social media marketing campaigns.

This plan lets you connect ten different social media profiles and schedule 100 posts on each profile, and 10 RSS feed sources.

Business plan

Business plan is also available for small and medium size businesses but is specifically designed for corporate businesses, agencies, and organizations.

With this plan, you can invite team members for collaboration, and you get advance reporting features to help you analyze content performance, growth, and audience engagement.

You can as well connect 10 different social media profiles, schedule up to 1000 posts per profile, 100 RSS feeds sources, etc.

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Wrapping up

As mentioned earlier, social media is the #1 go-to for brands, businesses, organizations and individuals to promote their brands, create brand awareness, engage with their target market, drive traffic, generate leads, and maximize ROI.

But it is obvious that you cannot do it all alone. You need incredible automation tools to help you promote your brand and business consistently across social sites.

That is why you need Statusbrew. Statusbrew will help take your business to the next height with its amazing features.

What is you best social media marketing tool?

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