Biz Tips: How to make your customer support stronger with a live chat?

Biz Tips: How to make your customer support stronger with a live chat?


How to make your customer support stronger with a live chat?

Surely you’ve seen a chat box — this is the small widget which invites you to talk during you are viewing website.

There’s no doubt that chats have become very popular. Years ago you could install any random widget and consider yourself the king of support. Today you have to choose it very carefully.

We’ll tell you what is special about chats, why do you need to install it and how to make sure that you are on the right track.

Why do you need a chat?

There are two important answers:

1. Visitors get used to them

Everyone uses chats. In fact, its popularity have increased dramatically for the last few years. No other channel demonstrates such a significant and stable growth.

When visitor enters the site, he expects to see chat box, and he always knows that every question could be answered in a couple of minutes. According to the Kayako study, 51% of customers are ready to stay with company which provide chat support in real time.

2. Customers like them

People prefer to use chat more than any other channels. The reason is speed. Visitors don’t ready to wait for your answer, they need to receive it in a second.

All what we mentioned matters when you evaluate the benefits of chat. It helps you to stay in touch simpler and faster — this guarantees higher users’ loyalty.

7 steps to make the best live chat ever

OK, you have installed chat widget. You have chosen it very carefully: read a lot of testimonials, discussed it with colleagues, and now feel very exciting about using it. But what’s next? You need to make it work.

No matter if you already use chat or just planning to start, we offer 7 tips which help to improve your chat support. We promise that visitors will be satisfied and start to recommend you more!

1. Always introduce yourself

Chatting with users is not a transaction, but a conversation.

Introducing yourself, you make the conversation personal and start a chat between two people instead of a conversation between the client and a faceless business.

Your chat should display the avatar and operator’s name automatically. Also it’s a good idea to write not just: “How can I help?”, but motivate a user to write you or ask him specific question.

2. Be Fast

Chat is the channel where speed definitely matters. According to Econsultancy research, 79% of users say that they prefer to chat instead of calling and sending emails because of speed.

As for time, 60% of users don’t want to wait for the response longer than 60 seconds, while the average response time for the message fluctuates around 23 seconds.

Do not have users waiting for an answer for hours. This isn’t what they expect from chatting.

But at the same time, in some areas quick response is not so important, since you can duplicate all communication by email. This feature is also very useful for you: if visitor has left your website, you shouldn’t worry that you lost him forever and he will never see your brilliant response. For some customers it’s even more convenient to ask a question in chat, and then continue a conversation via email.

3. Promise the result

Even if you can’t immediately solve the problem, let users know when they can receive your answer. For example, if you can’t answer by yourself because the issue is not your purview, ask user to wait sometime (a couple of minutes/hours/days) while you talk to the specialist.

If you can’t fix the problem in the near future, promise to improve it in the next update. You should give promises not only for informing user about his request status, but also for building trust relationships. But remember that you should live up to the promises.

4. The ELI5 technique

Of course you know everything about your own product, every feature and pitfall.

For you everything that happens inside it is natural and understandable, but customers don’t always have to understand what is hidden behind the certain functions.

If you need to explain a complex idea or set of instructions, don’t do it as if you are discussing it with a colleague. Instead, use the ELI5 technique.

In subsection ELI5 (Explain It Like I’m Five) on Reddit experts explain complex things as if their readers were five years old.

As an example, look at how the user explains what mean email, Google, AOL, website and web browser:

«The e-mail looks like a letter written by hand, only comes in seconds, not in a few days.

Google is a company that manages many websites, the largest of which is a search engine. A search engine is a phone book for other sites.

AOL is an internet provider, much they are like a telephone company, but give you access to other people via the Internet, and not by phone.

A website is a place on the Internet where you can go to get information or make a deal. Just like a place on the street.

IE / Chrome / Firefox — a means of transportation, with which you can get where you need. They look like vehicles, but fortunately they do not need gasoline.

The Internet is like a city. This collection of places and people with the road that connects all these places with each other and allows you to move from one place to another to get what you need.»

If someone didn’t understand what these concepts mean, this explanation will help to catch the basic idea. You should simplify communication to make every user understands you in seconds.

We recommend you to read some ELI5-texts and try to write your instructions in the same manner. This way you make customers’ life easier. This is especially important for chats with a small chat box (you have to convey the message as shortly as possible).

5. Make the access simple

When users want to get help or ask a question, they have already meet problem. Do not aggravate the situation by forcing them to look for a way to contact you.

Place chat on every page of your website. This way customers could get help at any time.

Also you can offer help at certain moments. For example, if a user clicks many times at the same button but it doesn’t work — it is the best moment to start a conversation and solve his problem.

6. Rely on links

Scrolling long letters is annoying, and if you have to scroll messages in a chat, it’s even worse.

The less effort it’s needed for customers to get a result, the more loyal they are. That’s why we want to avoid everything that is annoying and tiresome.

Create a FAQ section which could be invoked as required. This saves users from having to search for information in a long list of messages.

If your instructions contain more than one picture or three steps, try to refer to them instead of including too much information in the message.

7. Use time-saving tricks

It’s not always necessary to create a separate article in the FAQ section to answer similar users’ questions. Sometimes such articles are simply not suitable (for example, if the question relates to personal account information or billing information).

The saved answers will help you.

Instead of wasting time typing the same answer again and again (perhaps the only repetitive action that support specialists should do), insert frequently used messages in one click from the saved list. Customer receives a quick answer, and you save time — everyone is happy.

For example, this way we provide the saved answers in Dashly:

Also you can see what is users typing before they send you a message. This feature significantly accelerates the process: customer is still thinking over right words to describe his problem, at the same time you are looking for an answer.

Take care of the customers’ loyalty in real time

Add a powerful user-friendly channel to your support strategy. Use these tips to provide more effective support and build better relationships with users in real-time.

Try Dashly 14 days for free, to raise your level of support.

Let’s turn all your customers into friends 🙂

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