Biz Tips: How to Make More Money for Your Business or Nonprofit — 5 Featured Stories

Biz Tips: How to Make More Money for Your Business or Nonprofit — 5 Featured Stories


How to Make More Money for Your Business or Nonprofit — 5 Featured Stories

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Point blank: marketing should make your business money. Maybe not overnight, but you should definitely see a boost in sales, donations or fundraising if you’re implementing — and monitoring — your marketing strategy.

But demonstrating that link between marketing and sales can be a pain point, so the topic of increasing sales comes up a lot on the Mark Growth publication. That’s why this week’s newsletter showcases some of the best articles written to help you make more money.

The featured article comes from Alex Kistenev. In Growing a Slack Bot from Zero to $25k per month, Alex offers a behind-the-scenes look at he grew a bot, including the marketing channels he used and his pricing strategy.

Find out how he did it here.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

These Mark Growth contributors have boosted sales and increased donations through a variety of marketing tactics. Check out their tips and tools.

How you can increase your sales by going from the top to the bottom

Seeing a slump in sales? Varun Choraria outlines a foolproof method that will give you clarity about where you’re going right — and where you aren’t — in your sales funnel.

Learn his framework here.

Unfinished Business: Lead Conversion — What’s best for you

Even if you have the world’s best sales funnel, if you’re not following up with every lead, you’re missing out on some cash. Inside Sales Solutions has a few solutions to stop leads from falling through the cracks.

Find out how to increase your conversions here.

How to make money properly with social media (you don’t need 1,000’s of followers)

You can make money using only your social media accounts, but it’ll take some work. Sebastian Legarraga offers a few pointers for turning followers into revenue.

Find out how 4 ways to make money using social media.

Five ways to boost your crowdfunding campaign

Gain more attention for your campaign and get funded — faster. Evan Varsamis outlines five methods you can try to jump start your campaign.

Learn those methods here.

Supporting non-profits’ growth through fundraising and CSR opportunities

Nonprofits need money to survive, and for-profit corporations could benefit from working with them to achieve fundraising goals. Leah Marie Angelou explains this everybody-wins approach.

Find out what it is here.

Mark Growth Author of the Week

Orlando González

Orlando González is a writer in love with social media and fitness.

You can follow him on Medium here.

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