Biz Tips: How To Leverage Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store

Biz Tips: How To Leverage Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store


How To Leverage Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store

eCommerce email marketing is a wide subset of any eCommerce marketing strategy.

How To Leverage Email Marketing For Your Ecommerce Store

Email marketing helps overcome the biggest hurdle faced by eCommerce businesses and that is lack of in-person consumer interaction. Email marketing is a way to overcome this huge gap and also helps businesses in building meaningful relationships with customers.

Not only that, email marketing also helps eCommerce business owners to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Promote new products
  • Prevent abandoned carts
  • Drive more conversions
  • Nurture leads
  • Influence customers to make more purchases

You can leverage all of these with the power of email marketing. But, wait. Simply sending bulk emails to your customers or sending emails that offer the same old promotional offers and discount coupons, is not going to help.

If you are planning to reduce cart abandonment rate and drive sales, you need to plan and strategize before implementing email marketing strategy for your business. Almost all eCommerce software have tools to help you manage your email marketing campaign. But, you need to make the best use of those tools to leverage the power of email marketing.

First and foremost, avoid general email blasts. It is one of the biggest blunders that eCommerce businesses make when they start with their email marketing campaign.

So, here are a few email marketing tips to grow your eCommerce business and improve conversion rates:

1. Upsell and cross-sell emails to your rescue

cross-sell emails are sales opportunities to sell additional products to an already existing customer. Upsell emails aim to persuade an existing customer to buy an upgraded version of the product they are currently using.

Up sell and cross-sell emails can be categorised in three ways:

  • Any product follow up:

These emails are like the usual follow up emails that any company sends to customers who purchase products from them. The products that are there in these emails include products that are similar to the products the customer has purchased. You can also include products under the ‘frequently purchased together’ category.

  • Category follow up:

This category of emails is used to promote products of a specific category. So, if a customer has purchased an item from a particular category, you can send offers related to the same category. This might prompt the customer to make a new purchase.

  • Receipt follow up:

When you send the purchase receipt to the customer, the most effective email marketing strategy is to include discount and other promotional offers in the same mail itself. This assures that the conversion will be high because most of the most customers who open the email to check their receipt are more likely to click on the offers given beneath.

2. Target offer emails according to your customer base

There are many ways you can send promotional emails to customers. The first is the generalized promotional mail that remains common for all. The second type is targeted promotional emails. Depending on the purchasing habits of the customer, you can make different categories of promotional emails and send them to the customers accordingly. To help you target the right kind of customers, you can categorise your customers as:

  • High AOV(Average Order Value) customers:

AOV tracks the average amount that is spent every time a customer places an order on your eCommerce store. Now, focussing on AOV can not only increase your profits but also helps you track other key metrics. So, the customers who use monthly subscription boxes, product recommendations that you provide and those who buy these products can be categorised as high AOV customers.

  • Face value customers:

The buying habits of these customers are dependent on the face value of the product. So, no matter what discounts or promotions you might offer, that is not going to influence them to buy the product. So, rather than sending these promotional emails, you can send product videos and in-depth product descriptions catered to their buying habits.

  • Discount customers

These type of customers buy only those products that have a heavy discount or products that are on sale. So, you can send them discount coupons and product vouchers to draw them towards your eCommerce store.

3. Customer loyalty engagement and re engagement emails

These emails focus on building strong and personal relationships with customers and develop a sense of loyalty in customers towards the brand. So, many a time the customers come back to the brand not because they need any product from the brand, but, because of that loyalty and connection, they share with the brand. Now, this also reduces the shopping cart abandonment problem that eCommerce businesses face.

Here are a few different types of loyalty and engagement emails that you can send to your customers:

  • Life event emails

You can send customized emails on their birthdays or anniversaries, offering them a special discount and thus giving them a personalized reason to shop. This will help in forming a significant relationship with your customer and reduce the in-person gap that most of the eCommerce stores face.

  • Replenishment emails:

If the customer buys certain products at regular intervals of time, you can keep track of that information. Using that information, you can send reminder emails to the customers. This will help increase the re-orders and keep the customer base constant.

To sum up:

The most important thing about eCommerce email marketing is that you should come up with personalized and specific promotional emails. An email that has a grid of products which are geographically relevant will also help a lot and drive more sales.

Also, learn about spam filters so that you know how to stay out of them. If your emails go to the spam folder, all the money and time that you have invested in these email marketing strategies will go to waste. Most of the top eCommerce developers use these email marketing strategies for their eCommerce business.

Just remember. Target your emails to suit the buyer personality, avoid sending bulk emails and segment as much as possible and you are good to go!

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