Biz Tips: How to Launch and Promote Your Online Course

Biz Tips: How to Launch and Promote Your Online Course


How to Launch and Promote Your Online Course

Over the last few years, e-learning and online courses have witnessed a major increase in popularity and acceptance by the masses. The simple yet crucial reason is that they are accessible from any corner of the world.

It’s not just business or higher education related courses, people are willing to pay for courses like illustration and yoga. In 2016, nearly $166 billion was generated from the global e-learning market. And it’s expected that in 2022, the global e-learning market will exceed $243 billion.

You might have created your very own online course, but that’s not the end. You need to stop and think about how you’re going to sell it. How will you get the attention and interest of people to sign-up for your course?

It doesn’t matter how valuable and useful your online course is. To create a sustainable business out of it, you need an effective strategy to launch and promote it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways of launching and promoting your online courses.

1. Promotional Video on YouTube

Leverage the power of YouTube. YouTube is one of the best platforms for entertainment as well as learning and self-education. There are nearly 1.5 billion YouTube users. This gives you the perfect opportunity to increase your reach.

Promotional videos for your new online course on YouTube will help you promote it. They also give you an opportunity to interact and engage with your target customers. Make sure that the videos are engaging and convey the benefits offered by your course.

The goal of your promotional videos should be to communicate the importance and urgency of the topic of your course. Make sure that you create videos that will educate your target audience about the “what” and “why” of your topic.

Also, make sure to release at least one video every 2–3 days. Releasing one video every couple of days will help you engage your target audience. And this will help you increase your sales and subscriptions.

For instance, David Siteman Garland launched promotional videos for his online courses. Simply by selling his online courses, he made over $1 million in just two years and his courses were used by more than 2,500 students.

2. Offer Discounts

Offering discounts are one of the best tools to launch and promote your online course. When done correctly, this tactic can increase your sales, win the trust of your customers, and help you gain new customers.

You can use coupons to offer discounts. When promoting these discounts, you can email your prospects or announce it on your social media profiles or pages.

To witness an immediate acceleration in your sales, offer a maximum discount with a time limit. Like 50% off for the next 24 hours. You can even segment your audience and offer discounts accordingly. For example, you can offer students a higher discount than professionals.

You have to be careful when implementing this method. If you are offering discounts for the entire year, it will not help you increase sales and get new customers. Instead, it will have a huge negative impact on your brand.

For example, iversity is an e-learning platform that provides online courses for professional development and higher education. The courses are developed by experts from Europe. The courses are also available in various languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.

The first screenshot below is from an online course on, “Digital Marketing — Strategies & Channels.”

Image Source — iversity

As you can see in the second screenshot, they offer nearly 75% off as a summer discount to individuals registering for the course. Since the discount is only available for the summer, it could compel a lot of people to grab the offer while they have the chance.

Image Source — iversity

There are platforms like Kajabi, which can help you create online courses in a few simple steps. The platform gives you the freedom to make your online courses more interactive and engaging. You can also send emails to promote your course and any discounts you’re offering using this platform.

Image Source — Kajabi

3. Organize a Podcast

Organizing a podcast is one of the coolest ways to launch and promote your online course. It’s one of the most successful ways to reach out to a big audience and widen your reach.

A podcast is the best way to reach out to those people who are interested in your course but who don’t have the time to find out more about it.

In order to create an effective podcast, you should make sure that you have credible and relevant guests and speakers. You can use your own contacts and networks to get your first guests.

Once you have started releasing your episodes, slowly build your guest list. After a few episodes, you can try to get senior managers or founders from large companies to talk about your online course.

When you have such amazing guests on your show, you can leverage them by gaining exposure to their followers. You can ask your guests to share links to the show and podcast episodes on their social media profiles.

But the most important thing is to produce high-quality content. No matter how cool or creative you are at creating a podcast, it won’t create the desired impact unless you produce valuable content. The quality of content will automatically motivate people to share and talk about your podcast.

For instance, The Zen Courses Show by Janelle Allen is created to serve mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs. The course is for people who know what they want to create but who are struggling to create a profitable and sustainable business.

Image Source — The Zen Courses Show

The episodes of Allen’s online course are focused on creating strategies for successful online courses. To get full access to all of her episodes, you have to subscribe to her channel on iTunes.

4. Host a Live Webinar

Hosting a live webinar is one of the best ways to attract the attention of your target audience. Through the webinar, you can showcase your teaching skills, and the quality of your content. You can also briefly talk about the value it can add to your prospects’ skill sets.

Webinars allow you to share some major highlights of your online course, helping you to get the attention of more prospects. This will give you an opportunity to create real-time excitement and engage your webinar attendees.

To host an effective and impactful webinar, make sure to focus on content. Choose your topic wisely, it should be engaging and relevant to your target audience.

It’s best to structure your webinar into three parts. Before you start the webinar, take 5–10 mins to introduce yourself to your attendees and share your passionate story with them. The second part should be your presentation. Make sure not to make your presentation too long, and avoid going over 30 minutes.

The third part should be an interactive session between you and your attendees. Have a question and answer or survey and polling session for 10–15 minutes. Make sure to end your webinar with a call-to-action (CTA). Structuring your webinar like this can attract many customers.

For example, Web Savvy Marketing specializes in SEO consulting, WordPress web design, etc. They conducted a four-day webinar series on “Basics of SEO.” They also have online courses on SEO. So they promoted their online courses by conducting webinars about SEO.

Image Source — Web Savvy Marketing

Now It’s Your Turn

Creating an online course or e-learning program is not easy. And launching and promoting it is equally difficult. You cannot sound too salesy because it will drive away your prospects instead of getting them to sign up.

When launching and promoting an online course, you have to make sure that the content is strong, effective, and engaging. It can motivate your prospects to check out your online course and sign up for it.

Do you know any other effective ways of launching and promoting online courses? Let us know in the comments.

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