Biz Tips: How to Increase Conversions by Improving Your Website’s Service Pages

Biz Tips: How to Increase Conversions by Improving Your Website’s Service Pages

Biz Tip:

How to Increase Conversions by Improving Your Website’s Service Pages

How many leads and sales is your website creating for you? If you have decent traffic but not many leads, take a look at the content on your pages.

Businesses that generate their leads online for their service-based business have many challenges. Buyers are usually 80% through the sales cycle before speaking with the business. Your website is one element that must deliver your message when you can’t be there.

The service pages of your website are a great place to start.

Talk to your customer – benefits

The benefits you are pushing are the customer’s pain points and why they are looking for your service. You are merely confirming they are in the right place while explaining what you do.

Sure you can tell people what you do, but explaining why and how it benefits your customer is the converting element.

For example, an HVAC company might talk about how cool their house will be in the scorching summer months, how they will save on their electric bill.


A Real Estate Agent to a potential seller might talk about the time they will save by using an experienced agent, the house will sell faster, and getting top dollar for their home.

Don’t use jargon that your customer won’t understand

When describing the benefits of your services avoid using industry terms and jargon that your customers won’t understand.

Pay attention when speaking with your customers. Listen to what they are saying, how they are describing what they need. These are terms that will allow you to better connect with your visitors.

Use images, graphics, and video that support the benefits

Always use high-quality images and avoid stock photography if you can. Using your images will give your company transparency and sets the expectations in working with you.

Use graphics, charts, animations, etc. to better describe your services. These graphics could share stats, infographics, and more.

Videos are not just for social media. A video is a great way to put yourself into the buying process sooner. The videos don’t have to be Hollywood quality but do need to be professional. Pay attention to your background, rehearse, rehearse some more, and edit as needed. When doing your video, the same applies; it isn’t about you or your company it is about them and their problems. This is your chance to have fun, show your personality. You want to connect with them, be the same as if you are meeting with a customer in person.

Show your trust signals

Trust signals such as reviews and awards are one way to show trust quickly. Reviews do matter, in fact, BrightLocal, a local SEO tool, reported that 86% of consumers read reviews for local businesses (including 95% of people aged 18-34) in a recent consumer study they did.

This number is huge and gives the visitor what they need right then to drive them closer to deciding to buy from you.

When writing the content for your service pages put your customer first and the search engines second.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to generating organic traffic to your website. Your content can connect with your audience and aid in SEO with a little thought and time.

Search engines have said that user-experience is a ranking factor in their algorithms. How visitors engage in your content is part of that user experience. If your content is not good and they leave without acting, this sends a signal to search engines that the visitor didn’t find what they needed on your site. This action can and most likely will reduce your rankings for that keyword phrase.

Put in the Time or Call a Pro

It takes time to consider all the elements needed and having the ability to write compelling content doesn’t come naturally to everyone. If you are a bit challenged on this task, consider using a professional that knows how to write sales copy. Send them your boring drab processes of how you do your thing and let them work their magic. A good sales copywriter will inject your keywords into a message that will resonate with your website audience and increase conversions on your site.

Your website’s service pages are the most important element of your website. Don’t take a shortcut when creating the content for them. Put on your customer’s shoes for a moment and consider it from their perspective.

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