Biz Tips: How to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts Quickly — 5 Featured Stories

Biz Tips: How to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts Quickly — 5 Featured Stories


How to Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts Quickly — 5 Featured Stories

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The content marketing concept is buzzing across industries, as everyone from startup founders to C-suite corporate execs want to hop on board the content train.

Yet pumping out 10 blogs a week and an effective content strategy are two totally different things.

To be effective, your content strategy needs to consider:

  • Your audience’s pain points and needs
  • SEO
  • The other tactics in your funnel
  • And much, much more

The Mark Growth publication features articles on all of those topics, including in-depth guides and high-level explanations.

This week’s newsletter highlights a few of the best articles to learn more about content marketing or get some tips for improving your current efforts.

Chloe Brooks’s 7 Reasons to Invest in Content Marketing Immediately is a great place to start. She explains that, on average, content marketing converts six times higher than other marketing strategies.

Get more data-driven reasons why you, or your boss, should definitely include content in your budget ASAP.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

Check out these Mark Growth contributors’ advice on everything content, from how to rank higher in searches — ethically — to how to generate content ideas, even when you feel drained of every ounce of creativity.

What is White Hat SEO?

MINDSCAPE explains the difference between black hat and white hat SEO, and why you want to be the latter.

Get SEO tips here.

3-minute guide to never run out of content ideas again

How do you find new topics and never run out of content ideas? Sebastian Legarraga has a few tried-and-true tips.

You can find them here.

Determine the Smallest Audience You Can Influence

Nicole Policarpio emphasizes the importance of empathy in business — which should guide your decisions for everything from product design to content marketing.

Learn how to find your audience here.

What You Need Is A Critical Mass Of People Who Trust You

Gaining consumers’ trust is hard and you need more than content to do that. Tim Rettig says you need buy-in from real people.

Find out how to build trust in your brand.

13 of the Best Digital Marketing Cheat Sheets to Help You Run a Successful Campaign

Staying up-to-date on all the digital marketing trends can be overwhelming. Shane Barker collected a few tools that could help reduce that overwhelm, including the Periodic Table of Content Marketing.

Check out the cheat sheet list.

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