Biz Tips: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Biz Tips: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction


How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Today, digital marketing is not all about promoting your business across multiple channels. To buy from you and stay loyal to you, your customers expect you to provide exceptional buyer journeys and tailor your content and offers to their specific needs and expectations.

Yep, personalization is not the future of digital marketing anymore. It’s already here.

With this in mind, here are a few easy tips that will help you skyrocket customer satisfaction.

Reward their Loyalty

Many big brands have solid rewards programs.

Amazon is famous for their Prime membership program. By paying for an annual membership, their customers get free shipping on 100 million items, as well as watch movies and read editor’s picks for free.

Sephora’s Beauty Insider loyalty program has gained lots of popularity. It has more than 17 million members that make up more than 80% of the brand’s annual sales. A customer gets reward points for each purchase and, above all, they can choose how to use them.

Starbucks also values customer loyalty. By ordering your drinks via their app, you can participate in their My Starbucks Rewards program and get loyalty points.

Customers love brands that appreciate their loyalty. And, stats back me up on that. An average household in the U.S. participates in almost 30 loyalty programs. Moreover, 84% of customers are more likely to be loyal to a brand with a rewards program, while 66% of them say that these programs may change their buying habits.

Sure, your brand doesn’t have to be as big as Amazon or Starbucks to have a loyalty program. Instead, you need to tailor your rewards to your customer needs. This could be anything, from offering a prepaid Visa card with your customer’s name on it, free shipping, VIP benefits, or free products. TOMS proves that, sometimes, customer loyalty doesn’t have to be earned through monetary rewards. Creating a brand with a purpose and addressing your customers’ sense of worth can also increase customer satisfaction.

Listen to your Customers

Today’s customers are more vocal than ever. They use your website, business review platforms, and social networks to share their opinions about your brand and products with their peers. And, they’re more likely to talk about negative experiences.

Now, negative word-of-mouth could harm your brand image on multiple levels. Luckily, you can control it. Instead of ignoring brand criticism, approach it strategically. Listen to your customers on social to see how they feel about you, participate in their conversations, be professional and friendly. Your goal is to help your customers solve problems with your products faster and turn them into satisfied users and, preferably, returning customers.

Provide Personalized Customer Experiences

Trying to appeal to wide audiences will only result in poor leads and sales. Your customers want you to offer highly personalized experiences at every level of their purchasing journey, from reading your content to making a purchase. According to some recent research studies, 62% of customers want online retailers to send them relevant deals and offers, based on what they bought before.

Here are a few ideas that may work for you:

  • Recommend items based on their previous searches or purchases.
  • Suggest products related to the ones they’ve already added to the shopping cart. For example, if one buys a toy, offer them batteries for it.
  • See what items your customers search or purchase most frequently and make them prominent on your site.
  • Use geo-targeting. Let your customers search for relevant products and deals based on their location.
  • Make it easier for a customer to find products they’ve already seen on your site.
  • Show items similar to the one a customer viewed or use the “People Also View” feature.

Build Trust with Social Proof

According to some recent studies, 85% of your customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Moreover, 92% of customers say that reading business reviews affects their buying decisions.

Now, there are numerous ways to get your customers to leverage social proof:

  • Claim your listings on Google My Business and similar local business directories. These platforms are one of the first places your customers will check out when researching your brand.
  • Encourage customers to review and rate you on social networks. If they see positive reviews on these channels, your potential customers will be more likely to click on your site.
  • Write extensive case studies, where you would highlight the major problems your customers face and how your products or services helped them solve these problems.
  • Ask customers to write testimonials and publish them on your website’s home page, “About” page, and prominent product pages.
  • Encourage user-generated content. Get your customers to share awesome photos and videos of themselves using your products. This will not only boost the exposure of your brand online, but also build trust with your prospects. To turn customers into advocates, host an amazing giveaway or simply give out free exclusive products.

Provide Smooth Buyer Journeys

Your website design and optimization reflects your professionalism. Most importantly, it directly impacts your sales. Moreover, customer experience goes far beyond the choice of colors and fonts. You need to focus on each aspect of your website design to provide a smooth and effortless buyer journey:

  • Simplify website navigation menu. Make it intuitive, simple, and descriptive.
  • Optimize for mobile users. Did you know that 60% of all web searches are done via mobile devices? Above all, 52% of them say that poor user experiences makes them less likely to buy from a brand. To prevent that, invest in responsive website design. By making sure that your site looks and feels the same irrespective of the device your customers use, you will provide an ultimate user experience and increase sales.
  • Switch from HTTP to HTTPS and display security seals to prove your site’s safety.
  • Write a detailed FAQ page that answers your customers’ most common questions.
  • Remove pop-ups, autoplay content, and irrelevant ads that may compromise the overall website appeal and make it look less trustworthy.
  • Make sure your CTA buttons are prominent. These buttons serve as an important navigation element and tell your customers what you expect them to do next.
  • Optimize the checkout process. Make your form fields simpler and ask only for the information you really need. Be honest about your product prices, shipping costs, and delivery times. Above all, provide multiple payment options to cater to different groups of customers.
  • Conclusions

Digital marketing is not all about getting yourself noticed by your target audience across multiple channels. You need to keep your customers happy, build strong relationships with them, and reward their loyalty. Retaining paying customers and turning them into brand advocates is, after all, what keeps your business alive.

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