Biz Tips: How to get over your fear of doing live video?

Biz Tips: How to get over your fear of doing live video?


How to get over your fear of doing live video?

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Everyone is nervous that first time doing live video. But, that shouldn’t hold you back from trying.

I get it. You can’t edit out the flaws, you can’t change something that you’ve said, you can’t guarantee that there will be perfect sound quality or connection.

It’s ok. It’s live video. It’s not a perfectly-curated brand video.

Your audience expects that you might be nervous, and anticipates possible problems.

Don’t you remember watching TV and every so often there is a breakdown in communications? A news anchor is not ready to go live? Or you’re watching the final of the Champions League and the connection cuts out just as the striker goes for goal?

Shit happens.

It’s time to get over your fear of doing live video, it’s nowhere near as daunting as it seems. And once you get the hang of it, it’s the easiest way to start rolling out content and connecting with your followers in deeper and more personal levels ways.

1. Practice, practice, and practice again

Live video does not mean unprepared video. Even for a little one-minute video, I typically jot down my notes and run it once through.

  • My name
  • One-line of what I do
  • My summarized content
  • My call to action.

That’s all you really need, just to make sure you don’t hit “Go live!” and have the video turn into a bit of a ramble.

Practice a few times, making sure you are looking into the lens of your camera, computer, or laptop while you are speaking.

It’s so important to practice this art of looking into the lens, because if you say your message but do so while looking around at your surroundings or your notes, you’ll come off as untrustworthy, nervous (more than you might feel), or just bored with what you are saying.

Imagine you are looking into your viewer’s eyes, because when they watch, that’s how they will feel.

When I first started making videos, I found that looking into the lens and the way I spoke was much more difficult to master than simply remembering my lines.

2. Start while you’re small

If you think you’re nervous now, just wait until your following grows. Don’t put off starting to make live videos, because it will just get more daunting if you think more people are watching.

Get in the practice now, with your small, but engaged following. They’ll be the ones to offer you tips, advice and encouragement.

By doing live videos, you invite them to get to know you or your company better. They’ll be thankful for the opportunity to connect and more responsive to your calls to action in these first few videos.

Perhaps use the first live videos you do as more of a practice session for later down the road. Use your call to action to ask your community to help you improve. Not every call to action to grow your company has to be directly correlated to your bottom line in that moment.

This is a long-term investment in your speaking ability, which ultimately will help the company financially later down the road.

3. Watch and engage with other live videos

Have you ever really analyzed someone else’s live videos? Take a minute to go and check out some short live videos now, and see how these companies are using live videos to connect with their audience.

Here are some short videos that you can critique:

  • Do they get their message across?
  • Do they make good eye contact?
  • How do they use notes (if they have them?)
  • Do they use props?
  • How is their body language? Do they smile?
  • How is the background?
  • Does it feel unrehearsed?
  • Does it seem personal?

Critiquing other’s live videos can help you to bring your fears into perspective. Is there really so much to be afraid of? Are other people really doing live videos in a way that you cannot?

I doubt it.

You have the potential to connect with your audience.

Use this ability.

It’s time to get over your fear of doing live videos. All you need is a little practice, to start now while you are still small and to take a moment to reflect on other live videos out there.

You can do this. Live video is so important to create, connect with and engage your following. Don’t let your fear of failing hold you back.

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