Biz Tips: How to Find Great Websites for Link Building Using Social Media

Biz Tips: How to Find Great Websites for Link Building Using Social Media


How to Find Great Websites for Link Building Using Social Media

Social media platforms can send traffic your way, allow for direct customer feedback, and help your marketing efforts in a number of ways, not the least important of which is link prospecting. While competitor research and advanced operator-aided Google search can be prolific enough on their own, using social media for this purpose ensures that you’re getting relevant results, that you don’t have to worry about whether the sites you come across accept guest posts, and that you know that they have passed the quality control of those you’ve found them through.

Consistent, high-quality link building is an extremely time-demanding activity, which is why being able to save time on prospecting and to instantly reach the prospects you found through this method might be just what you need to ensure the success of your promotional efforts. Here are some of the most efficient ways to find sites that might be prepared to link back to you.

Where They Blog

Each serious blogger will be eager to share their work with their audience, other bloggers, and the online community in general. Their posts and accounts can be useful to you in a number of ways.

The first part of the process requires you to find influential bloggers covering the subject matter relevant to what you have to promote. The more followers, friends, or other platform-specific associates they have, the better, not only for the promotion you are likely to get, but because they are also likely to have some investment in the subject, and may prove to be just as interesting as the bloggers you’ve reached them through, but more on that later. For now, let’s just say that bloggers often follow other bloggers.

So, apart from finding more of them, some of the things that you can get from a blogger’s social account is the address of their blog, other blogs they might be posting on, their email address and additional information you can use to tailor a much better outreach email than after just stumbling on them through Google search. In other words, you’re not only saving time on the prospecting part of the equation, you are also significantly streamlining your outreach.

Where You Blog

Who are the other people you’ll find in the friends lists of the bloggers you come across? Well people like you, looking to get a link back. While you can also occasionally recognise them on the blogs themselves, locating them through social media is often easier and more scalable.

Regardless of how you discover your colleagues, they are a real treasure trove of information. For instance, what do you do when you publish a guest post? Share it on social media, of course. Who makes up the majority of your friends on social networks? Either other people working in your industry, or bloggers publishing their posts. So, not only are you getting a steady feed of new prospects (accounting for the overlap) with each new blogger you come across, you are also able to find more link builders as well as bloggers willing to cooperate with them.

If that’s not enough, it doesn’t take more than seeing just a couple of their posts to easily recognize which client they are promoting, and then, by checking those clients’ backlinks, find all the other link builders working for them and add them to your list. After a while, you’ll start associating certain link builders with different clients, niches, and even the quality level of the websites they guest post on, meaning that you can simply track the ones that suit you the most and get a consistent stream of relevant, high-value prospects without even lifting a finger.

Where Are They Signed

Going through the list of influential bloggers, their friends and link builders working with them can take a while, especially if you insist on going through all of their posts. However, if you have been compiling a list, and didn’t keep track of their new posts, you don’t have to manually go through each of them and scrape the content. All you need to do is get the links to their Twitter accounts, pull them through Ahrefs, and get the link of every page where they posted which is decent enough to have made it into Ahrefs’ index — they are, after all the only ones you’re interested in. Naturally, every new blog you find this way should be checked for other, similar guest posting link builders, which you should then add to the rotation.

What Attracts Them

Despite the somewhat cyclical nature of the process, i.e. one blogger leading to numerous others, at times you’ll find yourself starved for ideas. If you’ve reached that point, do not despair, there are plenty of ways to find new ones.

Starting with a typical hashtag search targeting the phrases relevant to what you are promoting, through using tools like Followerwonk for advanced Twitter analytics or BuzzSumo to find the influencers with the largest audience, social networks are made to be searchable and finding the exact people you need shouldn’t be difficult even without specialized tools.

What Makes Them Tick

Apart from ‘content is king’, there’s probably no other adage as overused in the context of digital marketing than the one connecting relationship building with link building. As annoying as it can get at times, just like with all the other clichés, there is a reason for its excessive popularity, namely, it’s largely true.

This is not to say that you should go around pretending to like people that you don’t or fake being their friend; it only means that social networks are there for you just like they are there for everyone else, to facilitate communication and make it easier for you to get connected with people sharing your interests, goals or, like in this case, profession.

Engaging influencers, bloggers and other interested parties in conversation, which doesn’t have to be profound but needs to be open and honest, will open you up to a range of new opportunities. Not only will you improve your chances of being published with the people you’ve already found, these relationships are likely to expose you to a range of new prospects you may not have reached otherwise.

Are They Aware of You

There might be plenty of influencers out there that you have had your eye on for a while now but haven’t been able to reach. Well, if you made a point of tracking the mentions of your own name, or the name of the brand you are promoting, you might be pleasantly surprised if, at one point, you learn that they are talking about you. Naturally, while these mentions won’t be reserved solely for social networks, the ones that crop up there will be the easiest to follow up on, due to the nature of the platform they are encountered on.

Again, like with most of these strategies, when actually making the initial step, you shouldn’t be too eager and jump straight into discussing the anchors that would go best with your brand new, half-solicited link, but feel free to take your time, thank the person for the mention, and see where the relationship will lead you. Might seem like a long, drawn out process, but remember the previous chapter, and all the opportunities you might be missing by trying to steamroll this process.

Are You Aware of Them

If you can, and should, scan other’s accounts for mentions of you; it stands to reason that they are doing the same, i.e. keeping note of anyone talking about them, and potentially reaching out to them. Compile a list of people or brands whose attention you would like to attract, and make sure to organically intertwine them into your posts every once in a while. Naturally, since the people you’d like to notice you noticing them will most likely be the ones in your industry and within your range of interests, this kind of thing will be happening all the time organically, without you putting any extra thought into it; this is not to say that you shouldn’t occasionally try targeting them intentionally and purposefully.

Aside from being a little ego-bait in its own right, and making people come to you instead of you having to chase them; showing that you are involved in the industry, know and even have connections with the major players in the market, and that you are keeping your ear to the ground sends an important signal to all of your potential collaborators. Namely, doing this consistently for long enough, keeping your content and insights useful and your communication open, establishes you as something of an influencer yourself, opening you many doors that were previously closed, and helping you reach new people.

Parting Words

Social networks, thanks to their searchable structure, wide appeal, and the fact that they make it amazingly easy to make the first contact, even without having too solid a reason, are an ideal place for digital marketers to find interesting prospects for their link building campaigns. From finding relevant bloggers and pitching directly to them; you can also take a look at their friends’ lists to find other bloggers as well as link builders which may be targeting the same keywords as you are. This, of course, is not all that you can do there. You can also keep an eye on who’s mentioning you and if there might be a point in asking them for a more tangible form of attribution (i.e. link), as well as set a little trap of your own by mentioning those you’d like to be contacted by.

Finally, you can use social networks to do what they were built for, i.e. talk to people. Not only will they be more willing to work with you or recommend you to their friends, but it also helps you get established as an industry authority, which, again, means that people will be coming to you instead of making you chase after them, and there is simply no link prospecting like passive link prospecting.

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