Biz Tips: How to engage with brands to let you write for them.

Biz Tips: How to engage with brands to let you write for them.


How to engage with brands to let you write for them.

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People think it’s impossible to write for companies out there without formally introducing themselves through Email and I know that it is a bullshit excuse to not engage more on social media!

We all have access to an amazing tool to meet new brands and people in search of writers for their brands! Some will not even know that they need them until you start talking to them.

For me the best places to find brands to respond to you are Twitter and Instagram since they generally are really active in those 2 platforms the most!

It really is pretty simple to do it but it takes time to do.

First you should to know for what niche you are planning to write for, then search for good hashtags inside that niche using pages like this one: Display Purposes

After that just search for the ton of hashtags that you were given and look for them inside the social media platforms.

Message any brand or person that you would like to write for and say that you would love to write for them for free.

Yes, I know that some people don’t like working for free but it’s something that you have to do if somebody doesn’t know you at all and you are still working on building your portfolio.

Brands love when people want to contribute for their blogs or want to create something innovative with them!

And if I am honest most people won’t let you go empty handed because they know what that could do for their reputation.

A word of caution first; you will get rejected a LOT and you have to be ok with it. Not everybody needs of your services.

Some will respond and say that they don’t need it, others will not even respond.

But if you take some time out of your day every time that you can you will find someone that will be willing to give you a chance!

Patience is crucial here but while taking action every single day.

Show them what you could do for them and how you could make the most compelling articles for them and then actually deliver!

Message as many brands and people as possible on every hashtag you like!

Another word of advice: Don’t make a single message and then spam it to every brand you want to write for unless that you want to get blocked for being a spam machine and or get blocked by the brand itself! (People see through those spam messages you know.)

Take the time to send a message that is personal to each individual!

Sounds pretty simple but it takes time to do which is actually fine if you love what you are doing!

Much love to every single one of you!

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