Biz Tips: How To Create The World’s Greatest LinkedIn Profile

Biz Tips: How To Create The World’s Greatest LinkedIn Profile


How To Create The World’s Greatest LinkedIn Profile

Now is the time to start catching the wave of professional networking online, and there is no better place to do so than LinkedIn.

But the simple fact of having a profile is not enough. You need to transform your account into a lead gen and recruiting machine.

What determines LinkedIn profile strength?

Ultimately, the impact of your LinkedIn account comes down to 6 simple, yet essential, elements:

  • Headshot
  • Banner Image
  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Endorsements
  • Experience

By the end of this, your profile will be prepared to attract meaningful connections, generate leads, and explode your job opportunities wide open.

So let’s get started on dissecting these 6 profile essentials.

1: Use a contrasting profile headshot that evokes curiosity

The first element that any potential connection is going to see from you is your headshot.

Whether they find this in the “My Network” navigation feature, or they specifically search for your job title, your headshot has the potential to make you stand out.

It goes without saying that your profile photo should always be high quality and professional. However, there is a simple tactic that invites LinkedIn folks to view your profile over a seemingly similar person: contrast.

Contrast, in this instance, refers to using a profile image that looks different than the rest of the profiles on LinkedIn (while maintaining a professional look and feel).

For example, in the image below, where is your eye automatically attracted to at first gaze?

The green background on Bassem’s profile draws the eyes in without a thought, increasing the likelihood of receiving a second glance. That’s all you need.

Another example:

My profile picture draws in the eyes with a blue background, while maintaining professionalism with a close-up headshot in good lighting.

The bottom line with headshots is clear: make it professional, keep it simple (no text on the image, no background behind your face), and use contrast.

2: Create a LinkedIn banner image that wows and informs

Did you know that you can upload your own customized cover photo above your profile?

This is an opportunity often squandered by LinkedIn amateurs. The default cover photo for your profile is a light blue graphic, and it provides absolutely no value to your personal brand.

Instead, you must control your narrative by uploading a personalized banner image ASAP.

Ultimately, this is the element of your profile that will stand out most if potential connections actually land on your page. You don’t want to blow a chance at winning them over right away.

So what makes a great banner image?

  • Use a contrasting color (ideally matching your profile photo)
  • Include a one-sentence Call-to-Action in the image
  • Inform users about your purpose, interests, or services
  • Use a background image matching your industry

Here’s an example from my profile:

For reference, the dimensions of a cover photo are 1584 wide by 396 high.

3: Craft a headline that hooks them right away

The headline is arguably the second-most important feature of your profile, behind your photo.

The reason? People want to know what you do and why you’re awesome.

It can be incredibly difficult knowing what works, and I’ve only come to a conclusion personally on my headline through vigorous A/B testing.

Here are my tips for crafting the perfect headline:

  • Be unique (again, contrasting is key)
  • Use your personality
  • Don’t forget to state what you actually do
  • Make it engaging and inviting
  • Ensure that the focus is narrow

4: Write a profile summary that expands on your headline

While most people won’t take the time to read your summary, those who do are highly qualified potential leads.

Anyone who takes a real amount of time to read your short biography, without even knowing who you are potentially, is worth having as a connection.

Your summary is an opportunity to show off your goals, dreams, desires, plans, and skills. Take advantage of it.

I’ve found a simple formula for writing the perfect summary. Here it is:

  1. Hook: Explain what your greatest professional joy is and introduce your profession/skillset with some personality.
  2. Gain trust: State your skillset and list out your areas of high confidence.
  3. Social Proof: Let people know how many clients you’ve helped, the number of sales for which you’re responsible, or any other number-based stat about your career to boost confidence and provide social proof.
  4. CTA: Invite the reader to take action

5: Get endorsements for your top skills

Yet another form of social proof that is critical in gaining the confidence of potential connections is the “Skills & Endorsements” section.

This gives you the opportunity to have your skills validated by peers, co-workers, and total strangers.

The biggest mistake that people make in this section is not pinning the 3 most important skills to the top.

Here’s what your top 3 will look like:

You can hand-pick the 3 that you want represented at the top, so go with your “money-maker” skills.

Ask yourself: what are the 3 skills that could potentially drive the most sales if someone became interested in my services just by seeing these?

6: Display your most relevant experience

Notice that this section is not called “Resume”, but rather “Experience”.


The reason is because this is not your resume at all. This is not intended to be a strictly chronological order of professional events.

Instead, this section should display your most relevant and important professional experiences that reinforce the other information on your profile.

Under each experience, do not fall into the trap of simply stating your responsibilities in that role.

Make these experiences engaging and results-driven. The more you can display numbers, stats, and social proof, the better they will be received.

And there you have it!

Conclusion: All the best LinkedIn profile tips

  • Use a contrasting profile headshot that evokes curiosity
  • Create a LinkedIn banner image that wows and informs
  • Craft a headline that hooks them right away
  • Write a profile summary that expands on your headline
  • Get endorsements for your top skills
  • Display your most relevant experience

Now go out and create an amazing LinkedIn profile. When done right, your account can get you incredible results.

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