Biz Tips: How To Create Awesome Content Every Single Day

Biz Tips: How To Create Awesome Content Every Single Day


How To Create Awesome Content Every Single Day

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A guide for bloggers, podcasters & vloggers.

Coming up with something new and turning it into reality every single day is certainly not an easy task. It took me about 4 years of blogging until I reached the point where I was able to produce daily content on a consistent basis.

Even today, I am not the mother of consistency.

But I can say that on more than 95% of my working days I finish at least one article. Often, I finish two or three.

Honestly — this doesn’t mean that most of my content is great. In fact, the title of this article is a little bit of clickbait. I don’t actually believe that anybody can create awesome content every single day.

But we can produce SOMETHING every single day.

And out of this something, something beautiful might emerge. Because even if this something of today isn’t awesome, then it can still evolve into something better over time.

So, here we go.

How to produce something every single day.

1. Try to discover problems.

If you’ve got an interesting problem to solve, then you have a topic to write about. Consequently, I am always on the lookout of trying to discover problems that people face in their life & business.

Keep observing the people around you.

Listen to your existing clients.

Notice what people are struggling with.

Obviously, this means that you can’t isolate yourself. The moment that you isolate yourself to invest all your time into producing your ‘awesome’ content, you’ve already lost.


Because your content will be out of touch with the real world.

Remember, a business is always about delivering specific results for your clients. Likewise, this should be the goal for every single of your pieces of content.

Find a problem to solve. Brainstorm different ways of solving it. Turn your thoughts into an article.

2. Be extremely personal.

I couldn’t create these high amounts of content if I wasn’t incredibly personal in my writing. In most cases, I use examples from my own life such as problems I faced and how I’ve overcome them as the basis my articles.

There is basically two reasons for that:

  1. People love to hear your authentic story
  2. It is easier for me to come up with examples from my own life than having to invest a lot of time into researching other people’s stories

Now, this approach only works if you actually open yourself up completely. If you are willing to share everything. If you show your readers who you are really are, rather than showing them some made-up internet version of yourself.

Essentially, I am sharing my life in public.

I show people how my thinking evolves over time.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to share everything about your life. I have never really shared much about my love- and sexual life here on Medium.

But then, that is also not interesting for my readers. After all, I write about productivity, business and marketing. My sex life doesn’t really have a lot to do with that.

So, extremely personal in a way that is relevant for your readers.

3. Make brainstorming a part of your daily habit.

For me, the hardest part about content creation is the idea generation part. Once I have an idea, writing is easy for me. But coming up with the idea itself that’s what makes me struggle.

The only real way of coming up with ideas on a daily basis is by sitting down on your ass and doing nothing but actually THINKING.

In short, it’s boring as hell.

Truth be told, this is the most annoying part of the whole process of content creation to me. By far!

But it’s an inevitable part of the process. If I don’t sit down every day for at least one hour (more like two hours), then I don’t come up with a sufficient number of article ideas.

You see, I have this policy. It says that for every article that I write, I need to come up with at least 30 ideas. Then, from among those 30 ideas, I will choose the best one.

This ensures that I don’t just end up writing about ‘something’ just because I don’t want to invest the time (and boredom) to think.

Instead, I choose a topic that I really believe in.

Some final words:

I think the only way to produce content every single day is to be extremely self-reflective and to go deep inside of yourself to find inspiration on what to write about.

There is a lot already within you that you know and that you can share with your audience.

But to do so, you need to listen to your own thoughts.

And that’s not an easy thing to do.

For most of us, it’s difficult to remain quiet, explore our thoughts and look deep within ourselves. Why? Because of the bullsh*t and negativity that we are inevitably confronted with.

Our brains are pessimistic by their very nature. In the old days, pessimism meant survival. It meant that you were careful enough to avoid that snake sitting in the bush in front of you.

Today, it mostly bothers us with pointless anxiety, worries, sadness and self-loathing.

The result?

Content creators are in a constant battle with themselves.

We need to find the inner strength to stand the negativity of our brains and the boredom, and to actually look deep inside of ourselves in order to discover the thoughts and stories that make for great content.

We need to think of problems we ourselves have faced.

And then we need to share our story and what we’ve learned along the way with the world.

Shameless and without fear.

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