Biz Tips: How to Conquer the Instagram Blues

Biz Tips: How to Conquer the Instagram Blues


How to Conquer the Instagram Blues

The struggle to succeed can get you down in the dumps, it’s time to beat it and blow up.

So your Instagram performance isn’t up to snuff, and it’s got you feeling down in the clout dumps. You look at others that you follow in your niche or even have friends, and you feel as if they all are dominating you. If this is an accurate scenario for you, I completely understand you might feel a little defeated.

Instagram clout is an evil beast who has reared its head more and more to torment our lives. It can make us feel really shitty when we fail to gain it. When we do acquire it the feeling of its tightening grip can also intensify to excruciating levels, making us want more of it.

You might be wondering how you are supposed to combat the blues of the Insta-grind? Fortunately, you are not a lone. I’m about to provide you with some tried and true methods to fighting your feelings and pushing through the discouragement to build your account into something magnificent. You deserve to feel amazing. We all deserve to feel amazing.

Know that Everyone Starts at the Bottom

Social media puts us at a unique advantage to grow. The upside and downside are that everyone gets a shot at it. So if we all get a shot at Instagram, what separates those who succeed from those who don’t? Well, the good news is that half the battle of getting over your Instagram woes is to upload more frequently. Those who persevere and continue the grind are almost guaranteed some level of success. Now it’s important to be aware that posting regularly will not guarantee that you go viral. By being consistent you are promising yourself improved statistics and ultimately better fulfillment out of the whole process. I mean, if you don’t have a passion and joy at the core of this Instagram game, you might as well stop now.

Those who post on Instagram consistently, climb out from the bottom much faster. The trick here is that your consistency also has to have a degree of quality to it. If you are just posting half-assed pictures that don’t even appeal to you, you might as well hand your Insta-blues a beer because it’s not going anywhere. You should be able to look at your posts and see a theme or ‘look’ across all of your posts. People should take one look at your Instagram and understand that it’s yours and have at least a general understanding of your message.

This leads me to one of the easiest tricks to wipe away the tears and shed the blues, knowing your message.

Have a Message Even if it’s Personal

Everyone on Instagram has a brand. Even if you are just looking to grow a personal profile, you are your brand.

If you are posting on Instagram without any kind of mission, message, or cause, you’re setting yourself up to get lost in your own sea of Insta-dispair. The more you stick to some sort of message that speaks to the theme of your account, the more you will believe in what you are doing. The more you believe in yourself, the less likely you are to get discouraged along the way. Really if you can get your message across as to who and what your brand is, you can solidify yourself among your peers and eventually find success.

“Build a lifestyle around your brand, and the audience will follow.” — Eva Chen

Some of you reading this might feel like you couldn’t possibly ever think of a message for your brand. Deep breathes, this simply isn’t a true notion. When you get thick into the Insta-blues, it’s easy to feel as though you have unending writers block. All content creators feel this way from time to time despite how easy some people make it look. Stay focused and stay on brand.

Collaborate and Sponsor Posts

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but when you scroll through your Instagram feed nearly all the posts you see are either people you follow or posts that have been sponsored. This isn’t unique to you, Instagram is setup to appear this way to everyone on the platform. This can make growing as an account really hard.

So how do you get around having your posts bogged down in a sea of people who already follow you? Start messaging people on Instagram you think are cool. Establish relationship that you can build off of and create valuable collaborations with. You’d be surprised how many people would gladly work with you to grow.

The other option is of course utilizing sponsored posts in order to get your content in front of more eyeballs. Yes, you will need to mark your account as a brand on Instagram, but with that comes analytics and the ability to sponsor your posts and reach more people. Sponsored posts simply reach more people and get you more followers. You pay for sponsored posts, so of course you are going to get results, don’t feel afraid to use this method.

Keep Grinding Success Is Around the Corner

Ok, you’ve got some solid tips that will grind you through your Insta-blues. What you need to do now is just keep chugging on and watch as your hard work translates into success. As mentioned before hard work has to be consistent, so don’t give up. Yes it’s young, but hey you’re doing this because you love it!

Keep up that grind and your blues will just fade away.

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