Biz Tips: How To Change Your Company’s Future

Biz Tips: How To Change Your Company’s Future


How To Change Your Company’s Future

DeLorean Not Necessary

Let’s say you live in California and decide to take a road trip to New York. Would you just jump in the car and start driving? No, you’d take the time to map out your route, where you’re going to stop, and how long you think the trip will take.

Why don’t we do the same for our businesses?

We know that we want to be successful, but we often don’t define what that means. We don’t lay out a specific destination, a route that we’ll take to get there, mark milestones to hit along the way or estimate how long it will take for us to arrive. We just jump in the car and drive.

Entrepreneurship is tough. Every day presents a new challenge. You have countless responsibilities pulling you in every direction. It’s easy to justify the head down working mentality by telling yourself that’s what has to be done.

You end up running in circles until you run out of gas. Pull over, grab a breath, take a minute to set your destination, and chart a course. I’ve started using a specific technique for my clients (and myself) where I force them to reverse engineer the path to the business they want.

The Company You Want In 2021

The process starts with a question. We’ll use my company (Special Sauce) for example.

Explain the Special Sauce you’d like to exist on January 31, 2021. What are your sales, how many employees do you have, who are your customers, what are your products, and what does a day in the life of Special Sauce look like?

This question gives you permission to stop thinking about the fires of today. You step outside of immediate needs and look two years into the future. I’ve found two years to be the right number for this question. One year is too short to separate from the current situation. Three years is too far to feel tangible. Two years is that sweet spot psychologically.

Asking myself this question was eye-opening. I realized how focused I was on generating revenue today instead of the bigger picture of where I wanted to go. It was fun to paint a vivid picture of what a day in the life of Special Sauce looks like two years from today (we’re crushing it by the way).

I now have a destination set for where I want to be in two years. It’s much easier to chart a path if there’s a destination. I can also begin laying out specific milestones to reach along the way (it’s important to have little wins).

This process has been transformational for several clients as well. Since most companies I work with have multiple stakeholders, this question can be revealing when three founders see a different optimal outcome just two years in the future. It’s tough for any of their visions to come to reality if they’re all working to achieve different things.

I challenge you to take twenty minutes and do this right now. Seriously, stop reading, pull out a sheet of paper, and write (I recommend pen and paper, but you can use the computer if you insist). I’m willing to bet that you’ll be surprised by the result.

What You Need To Get There

Once you know the destination, you can start figuring out a path. Ask yourself this series of questions.

Do I have the team to make this version of Special Sauce a reality? Who do I need to hire? Who do I need to fire?

Am I focusing on the right customers (niche) to get me to the Special Sauce of 2021? Which customers do I need to fire? Which customers do I need to replicate?

Do I have the products to reach my sales goals? What do I need to add? What do I need to cut?

What major barriers are keeping me from moving toward this 2021 Special Sauce? How can I overcome these barriers?

The Road Is Always Under Construction

Know that it won’t be smooth sailing. You’ll have detours along the way. You’ll be tempted by short-term benefits that don’t fit your long-term goal. You’ll lose key people. Sh!t will hit the fan. A bit of chaos is inevitable in entrepreneurship.

Just keep the final destination in mind and you won’t drive in circles. Somehow it will all work out and you’ll make your way to where you’re supposed to be in the end. It may not be exactly what you pictured, but I’ll bet you make it pretty darn close.

A company without an ambitious goal is like a traveler without a destination (also called a hobo). Do you want to be the hobo of businesses?

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