Biz Tips: How to Bypass Instagrams “1000 Follows a Day” Limit

Biz Tips: How to Bypass Instagrams “1000 Follows a Day” Limit


How to Bypass Instagrams “1000 Follows a Day” Limit

(When Using Automation Software)

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Many Instagram marketers know that there are daily and weekly limits to how many people you can “like” and “follow” per day on the platform, even when using automation software like NinjaGram or Instavast. This limits the “natural” growth you can receive without paying for ads or shoutouts.

I recently stumbled upon an Instagram marketing strategy to bypass this limit that was so interesting, I couldn’t resist sharing it. It’s posted below, enjoy!

I was doing a routine check on a client’s Instagram account that I had running on NinjaGram. As many of you know, NinjaGram is an automation software that follows and unfollows people for you to help grow your account. (If you don’t know much about Instagram automation, I suggest reading this article). I had set it follow all the followers of one of my client’s competitors and was checking the account’s messages.

Often times, when you follow 1,000 people a day, you will follow a few accounts with ChatBot Auto Responders. They are triggered when you follow their account and will usually say something like:

“Hi *insert your username* thanks for following me, I like your photos. Click this link for some spam… etc.”

While deleting a bunch of automated messages I noticed I had 3 messages from different accounts all with really similar names like “.Olla.Music”, “_Olla.Music” and “Olla_Music”. All three accounts had sent a message saying:

“Thanks for following me, I have actually switched my account name to @ Olla.Music, If you want to follow me there I’d appreciate it.”

…. What? Obviously automated but obviously genius.

After checking out the three accounts they were all following around 7,500 people (the max limit for a standard Instagram account) and all had around 4,000 followers.

Each account had a shuffle of the same 50 high quality photos of a musician named Olga.

I did a quick search to see how many accounts she had created and was shocked by the result. Over 20!

I was super curious to see how many followers her main account had and how many people actually clicked though to follow it.

After clicking on the link to Olga’s main account I was floored to find out she had over 60,000 followers and high follower engagement.

3.5K Likes in 1 day is great engagement.

60,000 followers all from the simple strategy of creating a ton of dummy accounts with auto messages.

This strategy can essentially be scaled to an unlimited amount of accounts which can promptly be left (as is Olga’s case) or deleted once the 7,500 follower limit is reached (if you want to be more subtle with your strategy).

Want More Details?

If you are really serious about building your Instagram and you understood the content in this article, I have a more in-depth, free Instagram Guide I would love to send you with how-to-videos and a several more automation hacks.

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