Biz Tips: How to attract big clients by developing an awesome brand story

Biz Tips: How to attract big clients by developing an awesome brand story


How to attract big clients by developing an awesome brand story

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Getting big clients requires a great brand story that your target clients can resonate with and trust.

A great brand story develops authenticity and trust that not only attracts big clients but also wins over their loyalty.

To develop a brand story that attracts great customers, first identify the core reason of why you started the brand.

Why do you exist?

What is your goal?

This will give you self-awareness and the passion that is the drive towards the difference your brand intends to bring.

Define who you are and what you stand for, be clear on what you want your customers to know about you. Identify a problem which your brand will solve.

How does the solution you are offering impact the lives of the customers?

This will help you create a connection with your audience by touching the core of their needs. It’s important to outline functionality, features, and benefits of your products.

Understand your audience

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Their lifestyle, demographic, culture, and nature. Such specifications will guide you to know what to say and what not to say in your story. It’s also necessary to determine whether you are targeting a certain group of people or targeting to reach everyone. Being specific on your market target makes it easier in having a more effective brand story.

A great brand story will require a certain type of tone and voice that can easily be depicted through the company logo. The logo is a tangible expression of the company that carries with it the personality of the brand and puts a face to the company.

Picture a brand to be like a person, for everyone to know this person (brand) they need to see the face or physic (logo) and have an experience of their character, and this is only with the help of a logo that is able to resonate with the core group throughout a period of time. Take for example the Apple logo; through the years it has remained relevant and carries along the brand.

To further build a great brand story, the customer experience and service have to match up to the type of clients you are targeting, because a great brand story without remarkable customer experience and service functionality will not last long.

Maintaining high-end clients and having a great long lasting brand doesn’t stop at having a great brand story, and a great brand story will not stand by itself. There has to be some sort of incorporation of a great team that will give exceptional services to match up with the great brand story. A great customer will stay loyal to the brand and bring along even more loyal customers.

Jim Collins in his book, Good to Great, gives a simple illustration of what makes great companies great. Picture your company as a bus. You will need to get the right people in the bus on the right seats and get the wrong people off the bus. Which means you need to select the right team that will take the bus (company) to the destination. Building and developing a motivated team is crucial for success.

Creating a brand value will greatly contribute to having that attractive brand story and in developing your brand strategy. A brand value tells your customers who you are and what you stand for. In most cases it’s easy to take what your key clients define you by and assume that is your value, but that shouldn’t be the case. If you fall for that, your brand will be at the risk of sabotage and can easily fall apart.

To create a brand value, make a list of the top values you want to communicate to your clients, and pick five from your top ten. Oh, and you can start by adding these three very important core values at the top of your list:

  1. Quality service
  2. Integrity
  3. Creativity or innovation

Not only will brand value enable you to create a strong, long lasting relationship with your client, but it will also help you differentiate from your competition.

Remember, originality is key. They may steal your honey, but they will never know how you make it.

Have a clearly defined mission and vision

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A mission tells who you are and what you are about. Take for example the Samsung mission, which is “Inspire the world with our innovation, technologies, products and design that enrich peoples’ lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future”.

Vision, on the other hand tells what you intend to do and how you intend to do it. For example, your vision could be “to be the world’s leading investment manager by consistently exceeding clients’ expectations”. Meaning you intend to be the world’s leading investment manager and how you intend to do that is by consistently exceeding your client’s expectations.

In conclusion

To build a brand that attracts great customers, you must be able to offer services that speak to the need of clients. This is through understanding the problem you intend to solve, giving the best fit solution in the best way possible by integrating great customer service with integrity and innovation.

Having good self-awareness and passion will drive towards building a great team, of the right people, in the right position, who are not only result oriented, but also have the right attitude to represent your brand.

With the right execution, the end will not be like the end of the road but it will suggest the beginning of success and continuation.

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