Biz Tips: How technology is changing the way cannabis businesses are run

Biz Tips: How technology is changing the way cannabis businesses are run


How technology is changing the way cannabis businesses are run

With the popularity of smartphones, apps have become a daily part of our lives as they provide us with another layer of convenience in our busy and hectic day to day lives. With roughly 197 billion apps downloaded in 2017, the average user engaged in nine different daily apps on a daily basis and 30 over the course of a month.

Apps continue to dominate people’s screens with millions of various apps on the App store as well as the Google play store ranging from games, tools, health, and social media. Never has it been so easy to access various services thanks to these versatile and widely used apps.

They have permeated every industry including business, where many corporations rely on apps to help promote organization and tracking services that can facilitate logistics. With its ability to also provide real-time monitoring services, this has made it particularly useful for those involved in distribution, delivery, as well as sales transactions.

An ideal match

Apps provide convenient services for sectors like the cannabis market, which can benefit greatly from transparency and verification services such as seed to sale cultivation records, delivery shipments, as well as inventory management. The sector benefits from being able to operate in a verifiable and compliant manner, which is especially important for businesses dealing with a commodity that is still illegal in many parts of the world.

The exploding cannabis sector has seen major growth through increased acceptance of cannabis as evidenced in various parts of the world such as Uruguay, Canada, and even many states in the U.S., despite the fact that it remains federally illegal.

With the rise in demand for quality cannabis goods, apps can provide a major boost for cannabis businesses that operate in supply chains such as distribution, production, retail, extract, and even research and development.

Not only that, but they also benefit new and experienced users by providing them with an environment to learn more about the various types of cannabis that can be best consumed for their needs.

Cannabis companies have been the latest to embrace the innovative apps that help fuel their businesses (Photo by David Trawin via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0)

User experiences

For cannabis users, an app that can adeptly monitor various cannabis experiences will help keep track of which strains were most effective and produced the ideal medicinal effects. The Releaf app, for example, does just this, allowing for the recording of sessions to document each individual cannabis consumption session to compare it with other products and discover which provided the ideal results.

The built-in symptom list allows for the selection of the particular medicinal ailment as well as being able to add various cannabis forms such as edibles, concentrates, and flower. Releaf records associated feelings, as well as levels of discomfort pre and post-session, followed up by various reporting features that will help a user narrow their choices down to the best product for medicinal relief.

The app essentially allows users to manage their medicinal cannabis experiences and can help them locate strains that best suit different conditions. It can be used as reports in conjunction with physician appointments for expert advice as well.

Not only that, but it provides a discrete knowledge base of medicinal cannabis that can be accessed by other patients, particularly those who aren’t experienced and aren’t sure of where to get started.

Retailers can also benefit from analytics on products that they feature in their store inventory, allowing them to better address the individual needs of patients with this detailed information. The app will highlight the most effective products for those who need them most and provide in-store goods to app users for increased exposure.

Customer management

With cannabis continuing to mainly rely on cash transactions due to the lack of financial service access, this has made it difficult to effectively manage and organize customer experiences as well as a database for valuable data. Private company Baker was developed with the need for a cannabis CRM that can maintain information starting from the moment customers check in to their unique loyalty rewards system during visits to a dispensary.

The app helps businesses send messages with various filters to ensure that it quickly reaches the appropriate customers. This can be used to send out new products as well as discounts to promote different types of cannabis goods, boosting a company’s marketing efforts.

Baker makes e-commerce simple, allowing for accurate store inventory to ensure that products are in stock for customers. This helps improve the customer experience and help boost satisfaction that can enhance a business’s reputation through word of mouth as well.

Analytics will reveal critical information regarding customer behavior and trends, which will help businesses focus on what’s working for them and reanalyzing their marketing strategies for underperforming metrics. According to Baker, businesses that incorporate their app manage to increase their revenue by 15 percent as well as improve their conversation rate 12 fold.

Automated maintenance

With the massive demand for cannabis in countries such as Canada and the US, cultivators strive to increase production through sustainable practices such as using greenhouses and other indoor growing methods. This can be an expensive process while also requiring more careful supervision to ensure that plants receive the optimal nutrients and are provided with the ideal environment for a healthy harvest.

In order to provide automated and real-time tracking services, Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTCMKTS:SCNA) developed the Smart app to enable cultivators to maintain multiple Smart greenhouses with the simple tap of a button. Smart Cannabis’s flagship greenhouses provide space efficient cultivation centers that are under constant monitoring through the Smart app.

The app automatically maintains optimal conditions regarding temperature and light to ensure constant and healthy maturation of cannabis plants. Not only that, but it will also show detailed metrics and levels while also sending alerts whenever a situation needs to be addressed.

This allows for peace of mind as cultivators can relax and enjoy real-time views for their cannabis harvests while the app provides automated maintenance services and allows for the quick customization or alteration to any of their greenhouses sites. As cultivation equipment can be a costly investment, the Smart app is an ideal way to ensure that the greenhouse engine is firing on all cylinders.

Technology continues to help promote innovative solutions via apps, and the cannabis sector has quickly pounced on the plethora of options that can help them run their businesses more efficiently while also empowering cannabis users through a wealth of information to help them with their medicinal needs.

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