Biz Tips: How Sponsoring Local Events Can Boost Your Business [Infographic]

Biz Tips: How Sponsoring Local Events Can Boost Your Business [Infographic]

Biz Tip:

How Sponsoring Local Events Can Boost Your Business [Infographic]

Getting creative with the marketing budget dollars means more than just bigger, flashier ads. Smart business leaders know that thinking outside of the box, especially when it comes to marketing, can lead to surprising returns. Opportunities for corporate sponsorships are everywhere and available in every size community. Of the small businesses that have participated in such events, 80% are satisfied with the results.

For often about the same cost as taking out some billboard space, companies can earn name recognition through actions rather than just words. Over 60% of not-for-profits are completely flexible when it comes to the sponsorships it will accept; even if your business seemingly has nothing to do with the event at hand, many non-profit organizations will still be glad to accept a corporate sponsor.

For years, Budweiser has been hosting the annual Duck Tape festival in Avon, Ohio. Featuring a duck tape parade and duck tape fashion show, this memorable event brings the community together, stimulates the local economy, and keeps Budweiser’s iconic name fresh in everyone’s mind. Though this particular size of endeavor is not open to all, smart business leaders can still take a lesson from it: building visibility through action, rather than words builds trust and organic name recognition in the eyes of consumers and neighbors alike. Event sponsorship can get your business’ name in the local newspapers, blogs, community calendars online and on bulletin boards, industry newsletter, and countless other publications you simply cannot buy your way into.

What benefits the community also benefits the businesses within the community as well. How does your business use corporate sponsorship to interact with the community? Take a look at this infographic brought to you by Zipsprout for more on the impacts of corporate sponsorship, how to get started, and what it can do to help businesses and communities grow stronger together.

Infographic Courtesy of ZipSprout

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