Biz Tips: How Social Media Is Influencing Purchase Decision

Biz Tips: How Social Media Is Influencing Purchase Decision


How Social Media Is Influencing Purchase Decision

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Social media is all about connecting people in easier ways. Not only does it help you meet new people, keep in touch with the lives of your relatives and friends and share personal things as well, but it is also a great resource everyone can use to promote anything he/she wants. From how to get more Instagram followers through useful tools such as KENJI to where to eat and what to see when travelling to new places, the social media covers it all. These days, social media is probably the most reliable way for companies to influence and attract potential customers. This marketing strategy is definitely responsible with influencing purchase decision. According to recent studies, approximately 75% of people make decisions regarding the things they buy by consulting reviews and product descriptions. This is because social media is definitely a big web in which you can find anything you want about everything you need. Read on to find out how social media is influencing purchase decisions:


1. Reviews Given by Social Influencers

Influencers are everywhere now. From food blogs to fashion and travel blogs, you are surrounding by people giving advice, promoting things they use in their companies or daily life. Sometimes, you do not even realize the great impact such opinions can have on your purhcase decision.

This is the premise that big companies count on. They contact these people and form partnership- mostly paid by the company. All the influencer has to do is post on his/ her page reviews of specific products, encouraging their audience to buy it as well. Our favorite influencer’s opinion counts more than we imagine and we actually tend not only to believe them, but also follow their advice unconsciously. This process starts a chain reaction, which culminates with a huge increase in sells. Skyrocketing the sales is definitely their aim.

2. Company Pages Influence a Lot

A celebrity might try as much as they can to influence you, but you still go online to check the specific company and see what their deal is. This is because every business should have some sort of credibility. In order to avoid hesitation from the customers, big companies have started to be present on the social media. They use social media pages to promote their own products and be found by potential customers easier.

Not only will you be spammed by pictures of specific products when scrolling on the social media wall, but you will also have the chance to check the comments. In this way, they will measure every reaction customers have had and decide for themselves whether that product is worth purchasing or not.

The 21st century is definitely the best time to have a successful business, as social media offers so many chances to promote your products for free. You get the chance to meet potential customers easier but also to reach a larger audience. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are definitely some of the top influencers that have a great impact on our purchase decisions.

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