Biz Tips: How Reading Medium Daily Has Taught Me Nothing (but helped tremendously)

Biz Tips: How Reading Medium Daily Has Taught Me Nothing (but helped tremendously)


How Reading Medium Daily Has Taught Me Nothing (but helped tremendously)

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This is more of a click bait title and a rant to myself. All the tactics are displayed here on Medium are the same everywhere else.

It’s working for others, so than it should work for me, right?

Yes and no.

Medium is a great place to find motivation and inspiration but in the end what is the output of all this consumption of motivating and inspiring articles?

You’re consuming all this good stuff but what is the output? Everyone is a consumer. It’s nature.

But are you becoming more creative or helping anyone with all the good you’ve learned?

Motivation and inspiration are there to wake up the river of knowledge you already have! Learn, do, repeat and the river grows. Without flow the river dies and turns to a muck pond.

You might even know a few brilliant seasoned people that are filled with bitterness. Chances are they’re stuck in a mental muck pond.

This is a wake up call to myself and maybe there are others in this same boat.

Today is the day to start. But remember starting is the hardest step but consistency is the real key.

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. — Pele

Marketing Tactics Found On Medium

Writing Style

Vary your writting style by breaking up paragraphs into single sentence and even at times, just a few words.

Add bullets to stress points and add quotes too. Quotes add a ton of perceived valitity to the article.

  • check out this bullet
  • didn’t your eyes strangely get drawn to it?
  • you’re probably reading this now. 🙂

Quality Headlines

Pretty sure it was Benjamin P. Hardy or Tony Fahkry or some other top writer that mentioned the head line is 95% of the article.

It makes sense because if you can’t get a potential reader to click the title and actually read the article, you basically just wasted a lot of time writing the article for nothing.

The goal is to create a headline that is accurate, close to being click bait, and far aware from appearing scammy. It’s an art and I am far from knowing what I’m doing in that department.

Tom Kuegler suggests to study the headlines of trending articles of the particular category you are going for.


Just about every article on Medium is screaming, “ hey, gimme your email” at the end of the article (in a nice way mostly).

Get in the game. You probably already have a few great ideas in your head that would be great for a lead magnet.

It’s time to do it. Just go for it. And if you don’t havea website, that’s actually better. Just get Leadpages (not affiliate link). They make everything so simple for those with and without websites. They handle the link that goes at the end of the article, the landing page design, and the delevery of freebie.

Wrapping Up

  • Find your voice and unique writing style
  • Study and create click worthy headlines
  • Give more away with a freebie

Writing, blogging, online marketing, and just about any business with an online presence does this stuff and basically there only goal is to collect an email.

Some might think this is sad.

Some think this is all just noise.

But it works.

People will continue to try to help and be helped. There will be a lot of noise but the tone of the signal can’t be heard until it finds the right blend of the writer’s purpose and the reader’s open ears.

Noise allows the writer to developed the skills necessary to creating the right signal.


  1. Start journaling today
  2. Find your voice
  3. Let it be heard

Writing has a lot of therapeutic benefits and it equally has the potential to upgrade your mind, your family, your lifestyle, and your business (wherther it’s started today or not).

You got this. We got this!

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