Biz Tips: How Niche Social Networks are Beating Facebook

Biz Tips: How Niche Social Networks are Beating Facebook


How Niche Social Networks are Beating Facebook

With the change the lifestyle, busy schedules and stressed day jobs, people have turned themselves towards the virtual love and belonging.

Spending time on social media gives a sense of satisfaction that you still have some life left in you. In a way to connect with people online when you cannot connect with them offline. Bridging the distances, sharing harmony and making it a virtual hangout.

With ever-changing needs of human evolution, the need for Social Networks has changed as well with time. Established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have become just “Too Generic” for anyone to find the right value for time spent.

“Facebook usage in the USA has dropped 8% since 2017”

And the story is almost the same for all “Generic” social networks around the world. People have had enough of irrelevant content and people around them. They want an alternative, a better way to spend their time online.

Evolution of Niche Social Network


Like the name suggestion Niche, Social Network aka Custom Social Network aka Niche Community Network is a kind of Social platform built around the needs and pain points of a Niche Community. For instance, Road Trippers Club is a community built around travellers. It helps connect people fond of Roadtrips and helps them plan, share, network and make the most out of their travelling experience on road.

Similarly, Bhopu is a Unique Area social platform that connects you to your neighbourhood. It keeps the society well connected, organised and helps them take collective actions on the betterment of their area.

Niche Social Network gives you an extremely relevant, more fun and extremely powerful way to connect with the right audiences and provides a unique set of tools specifically designed to meet the needs of the community.

While getting a customised platform itself is a big reason there are several other reasons as well why people are shifting towards Niche Social Networks.

Too Much Spam:

Niche Social Network Have Lesser Trash

With the existing platforms gone too generic, people share random stuff and as a result, your feed is flooded with math equations, religious posters, good morning greetings and so much of so many things enough to annoy you for the day within moments.

Niche Community focused on a concentrated audience avoids such scenarios as content expectations for members and very much in sync as against to generic social networks.

Value Addition:

Value Addition from a Niche Community

When you join a Niche Community Social Network, a Lot of Experts from the same domain share their experiences, tips, resources, network and lot more. These social networking experiences directly complement the domain knowledge and experience you have.

Stronger Bonds:

Niche Community Family

One of the greatest benefits of small niche communities is the relations that you build within the community. A niche community is like a big Happy family minus the disputes over ancestral wealth. It’s easier to connect and grow your network as you don’t have to find a needle in the haystack and rather the complete stack is full of needles very much like yourself.

Tailored Experience:

Niche Communities are built to best match your Niche Needs

Every Social Network Big or Small is trying to personalise the experience for individual users to make them feel as engaged and connected as one can be. The problem with the Generic networks is that they cannot really customise the platform so much. Niche Community, on the other hand, can do this to a much deeper level. For Instance, if someone from the LGBTQ+ community wishes to create an account on Facebook they will have to choose from either Male or Female irrespective of their gender, While SquadSocial customised this experience for the user by providing a comprehensive list of 48 Genders and an option to define one of their own.

Having said that, there are some amazing Niche Community Social Networks which are absolutely killing it out there. Here are some you might be interested in

RoadTrippers Club :

Pleasure of Roadtrip

We all love travelling or at least most of us do. Facebook along with other platforms despite having features like events and groups do not have the information well organised to cater to the needs of travellers. Thus a need of a platform where Travellers can connect, collaborate, plan and celebrate their travel experiences. RoadTrippers Club is a road travel club for road trip enthusiasts, beginners and those who love hitting the roads. They call it camaraderie on four wheels!.

Squad Social:

LGBTQ+ community just had enough of Generic social media platform where they have to think twice before sharing anything. It’s so difficult to find similar people from the crowd so big and the system so generic ignoring the actual needs of the community. There were dating apps for the LGBTQ+ community but none of them solved the problem of connecting with the community. SquadSocial aims to be the platform where queer people to connect with each other and the wider queer community, both online and offline.


If You Are Into Design, You should be on Dribble

Every social network is full of Media posts but Dribble is where the best of designs get to showcase their creativity and reach masses. It’s home to World’s best designs and a great source of inspiration for designers in making.


Connect with Patients Just like Yourself

Families will always love, no doubt. But no one can truly understand the pain you are in other than someone who is going through the same or has been affected by it in the past. Families and Doctors do try their best but PatientsLikeMe helps you connect with patients with similar health issues. You do not only get the moral support from the people suffering like you, but it also empowers the community through sharing healing solutions, answers to your queries and so much more.


photo courtesy: freepik

Mom’s are so much consumed in bringing up the little ones that they miss out on a lot of great stuff going on out there. CafeMom brings all such moms together in a community where they can feel they belong. CafeMom meets the emotional and practical needs of every mom with an honest, gritty, funny, wise, practical and uplifting spirit that mirrors motherhood itself. They lift up the voices of all moms and make them feel confident, hopeful and understood. Like a good friend, Making life better for Moms.


Over the past few decades, the culture in societies has changed so much that most of us do not even know the name of our neighbours. This disconnect has resulted in extreme isolation in society. In the past few years, people realised this gap and started forming communities like kitty parties, society festivals and more. Yet the gap is just getting big to fill through these initiatives. Bhopu saw this and decided to fill this gap and bring families together through a social media platform just for society. A close, knit, a connected platform for People to share with people around you, ask for suggestions, collaborate on common problems and more.

How Does It Affect Your Brand?

Alright Varun, you told us social media is changing and you told us why it is changing and then you also told us where are people going now. But how is this all going to affect our brand?

Well, it does in two major ways.

  1. You Need To Change Your Branding Strategy:

As per your niche, you need to identify where your filtered audience is and focus on attracting them there rather than advertising on generic platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. This shift will help you save a lot on your advertising budget and also give you higher conversion rates. Isn’t that something you would be happy about? YAY!!

2. Opportunity To Give Your Customers Something They Would Love:

People want newer, better, more relevant platforms to spend their online time. What would your target audience want? A Traveller would spend more quality time on RoadtrippersClub than on facebook and a Designer would rely more something they see on dribble then on twitter.

I will be writing a Follow Up Article to understand How your brand can get equipped to these changes and be ready for the shift. Meanwhile, If you liked what you read, share the love with your friends and family as well.

About Varun:

Varun is a Product Manager in Vinfotech Pvt. Ltd and specializes in Planning, Monitoring and Delivering Custom Social Media Platforms for Clients worldwide. To Know more about Custom Social Media Platforms and Varun, Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or through any social media channels below 🤗

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