Biz Tips: How my one answer on Quora changed my approach to writing

Biz Tips: How my one answer on Quora changed my approach to writing


How my one answer on Quora changed my approach to writing

I have been on and off on medium, my blog and on Quora (answering questions) for nearly another year now.

This whole time it was okay. Not great, not bad. just ok.

Then I wrote a an answer on Quora & it took off. It just did.

my quora stat screenshot

Numbers are something like, Out of 395k views I have on Quora (as on today Dec 10, 2018), more than 210k views are from this answer alone. And I have written 220 answers till now.

Every day I am getting notifications about the answer being upvoted. Slow and steady.

This one thing changed my whole approach towards writing.

I am not averse to writing but my draft section on Medium has more entries than published section.

And this was going on for more than 1.5 year now. And I read something or the other on Medium, nearly everyday.

Then what did this answer change?

When you write a good piece and it is well accepted, it feels damn good

To me, this answer showed that what I wrote was how I wanted it to be. A well balanced answer with right combination of words and conveyed what I wanted to.

And if more readers agree with that, it feels good. The feeling, yes you are not alone who thinks about this topic this way.

It’s is not about popularity. Not yet. I have not yet reached that level.

To me that one answer made me want to finish my drafts folder and publish more content, because for now, it means I am able to put in words what others are also thinking.

And I can know this, only when I publish. Like right now, you know what I think about certain things only by reading my published posts so far.

The ones in draft folder don’t even come into the picture.

Which means I can’t know what ‘you’ think about it too. Then how will conversation happen? How will opinions and thought process evolve?

And without that how will growth happen?

Your skills will improve only when you use them. Regularly

This one answer made me write more answers, and believe me, each subsequent answer was a lot better than earlier answers.

And this made me commit to finishing up my draft folder and publishing on regular basis. I also cleaned my draft folder from posts which don’t so good now.

This will give me two benefits:

  • Chance to interact with more people. And I am hopeful that readers & writers may share their thoughts too 🙂
  • I will improve my writing skills. I have realised that this is the only way to improve your skills. You need to get down to work and critically analyse your end products.

The second point is important in a unique way for me.

I have started to read my earlier published posts and believe me, whenever you are reading your own post after a gap of more than 3 months, you can make it a lot better.

This is true till you reach to the level of a skilled story teller.

And this is what I am doing right now. Publishing regularly, with a daily minimum words commitment to myself.

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