Biz Tips: How Keds Revamped Its Brand to Appeal to a New Generation of Women

Biz Tips: How Keds Revamped Its Brand to Appeal to a New Generation of Women


How Keds Revamped Its Brand to Appeal to a New Generation of Women

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Keds is more than a hundred years old, so it’s not surprising that your moms wore it too. So, how did they appeal to the new generation of women?

Here are some of their marketing strategies:

1. ”Ladies First” — celebrated female empowerment

Keds’ “Ladies First” campaign aimed to launch a conversation about women empowerment and gender equality.

The brand posted messages that inspired women to push their limits and live their dreams. The images starred Taylor Swift and were posted on social media, buses and subways.

Image source: Adweek
Image source: Adweek
Image source: Adweek

2. Allowed Customers to Personalize Their Shoes

The brand handed the design reigns to its customers through Keds Custom Studio.

On the platform, users could choose from two base styles — the Champion and the Crashback — and personalize these designs with thousands of combinations. It also came with a Surprise me feature that allowed them to use pre-designed custom shoes as a base model.

Image source:
Image source:

The design experience was not limited to changes in colors and patterns. The brand gave customers the ability to choose from different materials including jersey, denim, and personalized lace beads.

By enabling customers to make their dream designs come to life, Keds is able to deliver personalized products to its target market.

3. Braveheart campaign — inspired women to “Be Brave”

Keds also launched Bravehearts — a digital campaign that inspired women to dream big and standout.

The campaign included a Bravehearts Tumblr page — a place where young girls could create their own “brave goals”, view stylish lookbooks and find inspirational posts. Readers could also post their own acts of bravery.

In the Bravehearts ad, Taylor Swift shared stories of her own bravery. This was meant to inspire young girls to take a leap, dare to dream and live a life without limits.

4. Created Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Their Website

Young people love posting pictures of their Keds while attending concerts, traveling and hanging out with friends. Naturally, Keds decided to take advantage of their user’s content.

They placed a shoppable Instagram feed on their website. When a photo was clicked, viewers could see the shoes’ product details and price tag.

Image source:
Image source:

5. Keds x Rifle — collaborated with brands to generate new designs

Keds collaborated with the paper company Rifle Paper Co to incorporate floral-filled designs in Keds sneakers. These designs included new styles, silhouettes, and prints that range from zany to embroidered decorations.

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Here’s a recap of what we’ve learned from Keds:

  • Create meaningful campaigns
  • Launch an online platform that can inspire users
  • Enable users to customize the product
  • Take advantage of user-generated content
  • Collaborate with brands to create new products

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