Biz Tips: How I am becoming a growth hacker

Biz Tips: How I am becoming a growth hacker


How I am becoming a growth hacker

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It was July 27, 2017, when we first formed our growth hacking unofficial team. Before that, we had a few sessions about what growth hacking means and how it can impact our business in the long run.

We started our sessions with the book known as “Growth Hacking Plans” by Aladdin Happy. We used to read it and summarize it in our own language that is Bengali.

After we understood the basic concepts and formed our team with the interested readers of our session, we were suggested to read the bible of the growth hacking.

The man who is responsible for the term “Growth Hacking” is Sean Ellis. He along with Morgan Brown wrote a book named as “Hacking Growth: How today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success”, that’s literally changed the way I know about growth till then.

Our company chairman introduced this book to us and when we started the team, we read this book at least 2 times and tried our best to understand the concept solely.

What really fascinated us that Sean Ellis took half of the book to describe how an ideal growth hacking team should be and rest of the books was all about acquisition, activation, and retention and revenue.

I along with my team has successfully done 55 tests till now and about 101 ideas are in the current cycle or in progress list. We appreciate ideas from the whole company because we believe growth hacking is not a unique teams work, it belongs to everyone and for everyone. Sean also says,

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas”

Among the tests there were some positive results, there were some unbelievable negative outcomes and there were some tests we couldn’t reach any solid conclusion. For us it’s not that we have to have positive results always, for us, any result that is positive or negative is equally appreciated. Because some results told us what to do and some told us what not to do ever…

As a data analyst of the team, I am responsible for most of the analysis or report part. As growth hacking is pretty different than my regular analysis work, it’s really overwhelming sometimes to manage both works. But as I really enjoy these tests, it becomes easier day by day to control my time to do all the works at a time.

After reading “Hacking Growth”, I was so inspired to read business books that I created a list of all business book that I am wishing to read in 2018… Among them, I already read “Hooked”, “Go For No” etc. Currently reading “Alibaba — The Inside Story Behind Jack Ma and the Creation of the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace” This book is one of its kind. I am learning all about e-commerce in a new way and that’s really fascinated me in a very refreshing way…

So To summarize, to be a growth hacker, I think the first step is:

— Read, Read and Read a lot of books especially case studies…
 — And then think a lot about them and possibly write the learnings or interesting points you think can be helpful for your business.
 — After that generate ideas and start testing it one by one according to your specific growth lever…

But first and most importantly don’t forget to read a lot…

Because as Sean Ellis says,

“Learning more by learning faster is the goal”

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