Biz Tips: How Google Posts Can Help Improve Your SEO and Marketing Efforts

Biz Tips: How Google Posts Can Help Improve Your SEO and Marketing Efforts


How Google Posts Can Help Improve Your SEO and Marketing Efforts

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With the tech age in full swing, the number of consumers heading online with both their queries and purchase power is growing every day. And this is just as true for small local businesses as it is for major operations like Apple or Amazon. For instance, a staggering 97 percent of consumers were already looking for local businesses online all the way back in 2017, with over 10 percent of them doing so on a daily basis. With this ever-rising tide in e-commerce popularity, every business is going to want to take advantage of Google Posts whenever they can.

What Are Google Posts?

Coming off of a brief era that witnessed the overutilization of — and consequently overdependence on — social media for web traffic, the e-commerce world has begun to branch out from a social media-centric approach by trying to identify different ways to reach their audience. From email campaigns (operated from in-house lists that aren’t at the mercy of the social media world’s ever-changing rules) to paid ads and more, companies are attempting to perfect their SEO efforts and win as large a percentage of organic traffic as possible in the process.

One of the newer options available is Google Posts. Launched in 2016, Google Posts have risen from a rather muted beginning to quickly become one of the rising stars in the SEO world. But what exactly is a Google Post?

Google Posts are located within your Google My Business Listing (GMB listing for short), which should be a critical component of your online marketing efforts these days. If you haven’t set that up, you’re going to want to get that done pronto.

Google Posts themselves are short bursts of content that can be directly posted on your GMB listing. Each post typically only lasts a week — unless they’re connected to a specific event — and is rather small, consisting of 100–300 words. This need for constant fresh content is right in line with our top tips to help keep your site at the pinnacle of Google’s search results.

Google Posts are also free, making them available to all, regardless of your company’s marketing budget and limitations. They come with a photo/video option as well as a CTA that can be the perfect way to encourage viewers to journey off the search page and onto your website

How Google Posts Can Help You

Of course, knowing what a Google Post is doesn’t go very far in explaining why it can help your business. The good news is that whether you’re a giant corporation or a small mom and pop shop, it’s easy to wield the power of Google Posts to their full potential, all while helping your SEO and marketing strategies intact throughout the process.

Helping With That SEO

Google loves traffic. If a page is getting sustainable, healthy traffic, that’s an indicator to Google that it’s worthy of more traffic. The “Call to Action” option on a Google Post is an excellent way to ensure that someone interested in your business won’t just gather info on the Google search page, but will also click through to your site, increasing that website traffic in the process.

Not only are they visiting your page, though. They’re doing it through your GMB listing. The action of a visitor coming through your listing directly rather than from a search result holds higher value as well.

Adding the media option (either a photo or a video) is just as important as that CTA. With voice search becoming increasingly more common and most searches of this kind taking place on a mobile phone that typically has very limited space, you want you to make sure that your ad is visually appealing in order to nab the attention of the viewer.

Using Google Posts can also help you bolster the traffic to specific areas of your site that you may want to improve in Google’s page rankings. Add onto that the fact that you can harvest visitor’s contact information when they stop in, and you have yet another lifeline that can bring repeated traffic to your site down the pike.

Aiding Your Marketing Efforts

And then there’s the impact on your non-SEO related marketing, as well. With Google Posts’ high turnover rate, you don’t have to worry about glutting a potential customer with a huge amount of content to choose from. Google Posts are unassuming, short, and quick to pull together.

This allows you to highlight a plethora of fresh and different content, merchandise, sales, savings, and events, all of which are presented in small, digestible amounts of information via your Google Posts within your GMB listing. Just make sure you don’t use over-sales-y language, focusing more on information and lead generation than actually closing sales.

Wielding the (Free!) Power of Google

The option to have a continual stream of fresh and relevant content constantly available directly via Google is too beneficial for any company, great or small, to pass up. With many market factors constantly in turmoil these days, adopting a tactic that is both cost effective and easy to implement can be hard to come by.

It’s also very helpful that, as of the summer of 2018, Google even began providing insights via an analytics report that can show you how well a particular post is doing. This, in turn, allows you to pinpoint information that helps you create each post in order to facilitate maximum traffic each time.

Add it all up and the conclusion is clear: Using Google Posts can be a huge boon for both the SEO and marketing strategies of both big and small businesses alike. It allows them to leverage the power of organic searches to the fullest extent possible.

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