Biz Tips: How GDPR Will Impact For Your Facebook Ads (In Short)

Biz Tips: How GDPR Will Impact For Your Facebook Ads (In Short)


How GDPR Will Impact For Your Facebook Ads (In Short)

Let’s find out what you need to take care of to make sure that you are playing by the rules!

The most trending topic of this month is surely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new EU legislation which will become enforceable on 25th May 2018. I’m pretty sure you have already got dozens of email with subject line “GDPR — Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” or something similar to that. If you are digital marketer, you are getting the constant reminder on the all ad platforms from Facebook Business Manager to Google AdWords, AdRoll etc.

NO! Not An Another ‘What GDPR Means For Business’

I’m not going to repeat what GDPR means for business assuming that you have also come across all those big fat articles and guides which are trying to help you understand the whole scenario. But the problem is there’s too much information to consume, and you might feel literally overwhelmed.

Suppose, you have a business page on Facebook and you run paid campaigns on that page. Or you use Facebook business manager and manage a couple of pages. You have already got the notices that Facebook is sending over the last few weeks. They have also published a very resourceful guide for the Ads Manager & Users.

According to Facebook release, their GDPR preparations are mainly focused on three commitments: control, transparency, and accountability. I’m going to make it real quick to understand the impacts of GDPR that you are going to face for your Facebook pages.

GDPR Impacts On Facebook Pixel

If you are using Facebook pixel on your website/apps, then you need to comply with the GDPR. Even if you are not operating your company from Europe, but you must have users/visitors from EU, which is why you must have to comply with the applicable laws.

GDPR Impacts On Lead Gen Ads

For some serious business pages, Facebook Lead Generation Ads are the very robust weapon. If you are using Lead Generation Ads, then you and Facebook both are supposed to maintain a transparency to about data processing. In to be more specific, you and Facebook both are data controller for these type of ads. So both parties are equally responsible to let the prospects know exactly what data you are using for what purpose. No hide & seek anymore!

Things Get Tricky For Custom Audience

Even if Facebook is both data controller & data processor depending on the different conditions, still things changed when you are using Custom Audience to retarget them on Facebook. Here you are saving the cookies from your website and uploading that personal information on Facebook. So you are the data controller here and all the responsibility is your to inform your website users that you are saving the cookies & exactly where you are using those. For ensuring the compliance for processing the personal data, you need to update your website terms & conditions right now.

In case, you want to know in details about GDPR, you can check out Facebook details guide & FAQs.

BTW, during this GDPR chaos all over in my inbox, ad accounts, and newsfeed, I watched an interesting movie last night. Have you watched ‘The Circle’ by Tom Hanks & Emma Watson? If you haven’t, I would recommend you to watch it & if you have already watched it please let me know, was it just coincident to watch this movie during these GDPR days or whattttt! ?

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