Biz Tips: How Do You Build a Successful Marketing Team For Your Blockchain Project?

Biz Tips: How Do You Build a Successful Marketing Team For Your Blockchain Project?


How Do You Build a Successful Marketing Team For Your Blockchain Project?

Whatever sphere you’re working in, the marketing team will handsomely contribute to the success of your blockchain project. While bringing in a well-known and experienced CMO is a smart move, the question is how to choose other members. Our answer: prepare your own specialists. Based on our experience at AssetRush, we’ve come up with some handy tips on how to do that.

1. There is no failure, only feedback

To err is human, especially if your staffer is just entering the profession. Especially in such quickly-developing and vibrant fields as blockchain and ICOs. So be advised that at the beginning there will be mistakes; what’s important is how you deal with them. It’s easy to see that scorn and reprimands won’t get you anything except for a toxic work environment. What you should do is give constructive feedback. Share your own experience and the mistakes you’ve made. Make yourself relatable, and your employees will learn faster than you expect.

2. It’s all about support

As mentioned before, blockchain is a rapidly changing area, and as a result, it requires plenty of understanding and patience. Here is a practical example:

Some time ago we hired a specialist in the Asian crypto market in the hope of expanding and setting up more partnerships there. Shortly after that, ICOs were banned in China, and then other neighboring countries started to tighten the screws on the crypto market. In such stressful situations supporting your employee and mapping out a new marketing strategy together is pivotal, which is exactly what we did.

3. Master social networks

Social networks are the foundation of digital marketing. Not a single blockchain project and ICO have been able to reach success without Twitter, Medium, and Bitcointalk accounts. Therefore, having your marketing managers simply familiarize themselves with these platforms isn’t enough; they have to entirely master them. Walking your staffers through the peculiarities of each network is one useful thing you can do. But what we’ve found to be especially helpful is making them actually run an account. First, it helps to learn the ins and outs of how the platform operates. Second, they interact with the community, learn what people are saying, and keep up with what cryptocurrency news is hot at the moment.

4. Courses and Training

Training courses will never lose their value. Organizing in-company workshops is an efficient way for your marketing team to grow professionally. If for some reason currently you have no opportunity to provide such training, you can always encourage your employees to take MOOCs or just read learning resources and crypto news websites that you yourself find helpful.

5. Networking

Networking and meeting people is important both for your staffers and for the company itself. Blockchain conferences and events are great places where your employees can improve their knowledge, learn about the latest advances, and exchange opinions with other professionals. In the last several years the number of such events has skyrocketed, so finding one and sending a member of your marketing department shouldn’t present a lot of trouble.

Final Thoughts

Training your own marketing specialists is a difficult and time-consuming task. However, it offers numerous benefits, one of which is having professionals who care about your blockchain project and share the values you have. Furthermore, developing a team of real specialists will allow you to free yourself from constantly spending money on taking external staff development courses.

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