Biz Tips: How Cloud Computing Can Help Marketers Succeed

Biz Tips: How Cloud Computing Can Help Marketers Succeed


How Cloud Computing Can Help Marketers Succeed

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Cloud computing has revolutionized data storage, but it’s done so much more. Using the cloud can help small businesses compete with the big dogs by saving a company money, improving productivity, and streamlining workflows.

In the marketing industry, cloud computing is helping companies of all sizes find success and become more versatile than ever before. Cloud computing levels the playing field, allowing small marketing companies to gain traction and collaborate more easily. Marketers also appreciate the fluid nature of the cloud, which allows for growth and change as a company’s needs fluctuate.

You can gain greater control of your digital assets by using the cloud. Today’s savvy marketers understand the impact that digital channels have on potential customers, as well as the importance of protecting those assets. That’s where the cloud comes in.

History of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has come a long way, from a concept as early as the 1960s to the virtual lifeblood of many industries, including marketing. And while most marketers today utilize cloud storage channels, the cloud is much more than just a secure storage solution.

Software as a service (SaaS) relies on the cloud, and many marketers in turn rely on SaaS for analytical purposes and lead tracking. With the cloud, marketing analytics are easily accessible to companies of all sizes.

The cloud has also become a money-saving device, negating the need for major on-site infrastructure. Further, marketers no longer have to calculate the amount of storage needed to hold all their data, which can be a problematic equation when a company ebbs and flows. All marketing data is backed up on the cloud.

Cloud Storage Tasks and Capabilities

Cloud computing allows for more streamlined data sharing across departments. Today’s workforce is increasingly remote, due in part to cloud computing, and the cloud keeps all employees connected.

Usage of the cloud across marketing companies continue to grow: As of 2016, about 71 percent of companies were connected to the cloud in some capacity. And those companies understand that the cloud is much more than just a storage device.

With the cloud, you can managing digital assets, backup files, and even host your website. Cloud website and e-commerce hosting means that your site will never get bogged down, no matter the amount of data or visitors to the site. The cloud also gives marketers increased security where company and employee data is concerned.

Of course, that data isn’t necessarily very useful when devoid of context. With analytics, however, business owners can make inferences about employee needs, customer pain points, supply chain optimization, and much more. Getting an education from one of the top schools offering business analytics programs enables marketers to turn big data into actionable intelligence. Hiring marketers with an MBA or devoting resources to uptrain your current staff is a wise decision for entrepreneurs who want an advantage over the competition.

Preventative Maintenance in the Cloud

The cloud helps companies protect documents and information in the event of a localized computer or network crash. Using the cloud for your business effectively gives you a preventative maintenance database that keeps everything safe when something goes wrong.

When you choose to store your company data in the cloud, you’ll be protected no matter what happens. What’s more, you don’t have to be a technological whiz to utilize the cloud or update software. When you invest in cloud hosting services, updates are typically included in the package, which means fewer problems on your end.

More and more companies are using the cloud for web hosting these days, and the benefits of cloud hosting makes it a smart move for marketers. With cloud hosting, hundreds of individual servers work together to essentially form a single unified server. In your search for the best cloud server for your needs, it’s in your best interest to select a host that offers 24/7 support and monitoring.

Cloud-Based Testing and Development

The cloud can also help your business grow and thrive at a low cost and with little hassle. You can test out products and applications using the cloud and determine how they work in real time. The cloud gives you 24-hour access to resources and a nearly unlimited infrastructure where you can test out new concepts.

Cloud-based testing can include software beta testing, giving marketers a platform where users can try out a particular program and then contribute feedback. Differences in time zones are obsolete when using the cloud, and using the cloud means that you can easily reconfigure your virtual testing infrastructure.

Testers and new hires can more effectively communicate and collaborate via the cloud, with an environment of shared tools firmly in place. Thanks to the cloud, you don’t have the burden of installing and maintaining software for each member of your staff, and the teardown process is virtually seamless.

Final Thoughts

Cloud computing can help marketing companies find success and reach wider audiences. Numerous marketing and ecommerce companies, including Amazon, are already using the cloud successfully, and the technology has made a positive overall impact on the marketing industry.

From new hires to beta testing, marketers are finding that the cloud streamlines their job and allows for more accurate reporting and collaboration. Troubleshooting and preventative maintenance are also streamlined when a company chooses to use the cloud for their marketing efforts.

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