Biz Tips: How B2B Companies Can Leverage An Omnichannel Marketing Funnel to Improve Lead Nurturing

Biz Tips: How B2B Companies Can Leverage An Omnichannel Marketing Funnel to Improve Lead Nurturing

Biz Tip:

How B2B Companies Can Leverage An Omnichannel Marketing Funnel to Improve Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is an essential factor to maintain customer retention and attract new audiences. According to stats, 80% of new leads never convert into customers without lead nurturing.

And companies that practice nurturing have been generating 50% more business sales at a lower expense of 33%. And more than 35% of business-to-business companies have embedded lead nurturing strategies in their marketing area.

One of the strategies gaining traction among B2B brands is omnichannel marketing to perform lead nurturing.

However, only with a well-planned B2B omnichannel marketing strategy, can a business offer its customers a satisfactory buying journey. So let us explore how business-to-business companies can leverage omnichannel marketing to streamline lead nurturing.

Understanding omnichannel B2B marketing

Omnichannel is a consumer-centric marketing approach that involves prioritizing customer messaging experience and interaction with the brand.

From the B2B space perspective, Omnichannel is all about being accessible and relevant in all possible areas a customer expects a brand to be. Reports show that omnichannel marketing maintains 90% higher customer retention in comparison to single-channel marketing.

Top B2B omnichannel marketing strategies to consider:

Focusing on content’s context

You need to provide valuable information to your target customers at the right time and right place. Here are a few questions that you must ask yourself to understand if you are providing the best content to your customers:

  • What types of content are your consumers receiving?
  • When are your consumers receiving the content?
  • Are the marketing instruments that you are implementing are helping you to convert customers?
  • Are your marketing campaigns optimized for the devices your consumers use?
  • Are you successfully cross-selling and upselling your consumers’ additional offers?

Once you settle these questions, you will be able to deliver the best omnichannel experience to your customers. However, you need to know your customer intimately to personalized, answer these questions.

Another great way is to use QR codes to streamline the robust omnichannel experience, as they work well with multiple platforms. They can easily combine outdoor ads with online marketing.

Create a QR code using a good website and customize it according to your business’s needs.

Implementing it in your online and offline ads and other social posts, not only will you generate new leads, but also you can get the essential contact information of the users.

Further, you can practice lead nurturing by sending customers rewards, vouchers, personalized offers, etc., to the email addresses of new leads.

Learn about your customers

To offer an excellent omnichannel experience, firstly, you need to gain a deep knowledge of your audience. Learn who your customers are, what their background is, what they expect from you, and if there are any challenges they are facing, and what kind of solutions they want from you?

For this, you can use social listening tools, customer’s honest feedback, lead capturing landing pages, and so on.

Ensure that you are aware of all the channels your customers are present at from where they access your content. As per a report by Netsertive, channels that help in achieving Omnichannel success involve:

  • Digital advertisement.
  • Social networking platforms.
  • Email campaigns.
  • Messaging web and mobile search.
  • Live events.
  • Your corporate site.
  • In-store promotion and engagements.

Highly responsive website pages

Due to the digital revolution, customers are present on the internet almost all the time through multiple devices. Hence you must focus on optimizing your website pages for every device available, including mobile screens, desktops, tablets, etc.

It is important because most customers tend to turn away from the website if it does not open through your potential customer’s device. As per google research, 98% of US citizens tend to switch between different devices within the same day. So, having a highly-responsive website will serve them equally regardless of the kind of device they use.

So be sure to make your website highly responsive to any device. Put special emphasis on product landing pages where customers put their contact information.

How to put together Omnichannel marketing campaigns?

Some of the important aspects of Omnichannel marketing strategy include brand strategy, visuals positioning statements, and messaging across all available platforms, devices, and channels.

Remember that Omnichannel marketing campaigns heavily influence your service departments and sales.

So here is a guide on how you can set up omnichannel marketing campaigns for your B2B brand:

Work on the basics

By basics it means, focusing on your social media handles and official website. Make sure you are constantly engaging with your customers or other users who contact you through any of the channels, be it Instagram or Facebook.

Also, be sure to post on your social media handles such as Instagram feed and Facebook posts frequently. Around 90% of consumers expect to have consistent interactions with brands across different channels.

Build a brand related-app

Although this step is optional as it depends on the type of your product and service, if your customer benefits in any way from your app, then it would be best to consider building one.

You can hire freelance app developers if you don’t feel the need to hire a full-time developing employee.

Prioritize providing solutions to your customers

When you plan to build an Omnichannel campaign for your business, make sure your primary focus should be solving your customers’ issues. Ensure that your customers do not feel stuck in any of your marketing funnel stages.

Although bringing more visibility to your company and making more sales are the reasons why most businesses opt for omnichannel marketing strategies, providing customer issue-free experience plays a vital role in achieving it.

Ensure that your customers are getting quick replies from which they were messaging and are reaching out to your business.

Deliver same messaging across multiple channels

You can use the same messaging across all your channels to provide a consistent experience to your customers. However, make sure you are not using boilerplate content.

For example, while running an advertisement on multiple social media networking sites, you will want to deliver the same message to all your consumer base. You can do it but make sure you make small changes in wordings here and there to avoid copy-paste content.

Do not overuse boilerplate content as it might cause you to face duplicate errors, which might get you penalized by social channels and search engines.

Provide customers with platform suiting CTA and a device

Call to action is an important aspect of marketing if you want to increase sales and customer engagement. Hence when you create blog posts, advertisements, send a private message or email or contact your customer through a phone call, you should display a proper CTA.

For instance, link your social advertisement to your official website, add a link to offer to book a meeting in your email, etc.

It would be better if you avoid an automatic app download CTA because some portion of your audience might not be using a mobile to access their email.

Examples of best Omnichannel marketing by major brands for lead nurturing

There are many well-known companies that are using omnichannel marketing strategies to enhance lead nurturing. Let’s explore some of the best ones among them:


Disney Omnichannel Strategy


Disney uses omnichannel strategies to emphasize the smallest details concerning customer experience. Its quickly responsive mobile website is the initial nurturing experience that it offers to customers.

Even its trip planning website loads quickly on mobile devices, which is very convenient for users.

After a customer books a trip, they can get access to the “My Disney Experience” tool that helps them to plan their entire trip. From where customers can secure their “Fast Pass.”

Furthermore, its mobile application allows users to discover all the attractions of the place, and also they can know about the “Wait Times” for each spot.

To step up its already excellent omnichannel experience, the company provides its exclusive Magic Band Program. This tool can work as a storage device for images that customers take with Disney characters.

Not only this, customers can use it for placing food orders as well as in the form of a hotel room key. You also get a Fast Pass integration within the app that helps your trip to get moving without any issue.


Starbucks Omnichannel Strategy


Starbucks rewards app is one of the best examples of omnichannel experiences.

It offers customers a free rewards card that they can use to buy things. Also, it makes it possible to review and reload the card by means of smartphone, in-store, website, or through the app.

If there are any modifications on your profile or your rewards card, it will directly reflect across all channels immediately.

It is extremely helpful as it allows you to quickly fill up your balance even when you’re in the middle of buying an item from Starbucks.

As per Think With Google, nearly 71% of buyers who constantly use smartphones to browse in-store state that omnichannel interaction with brands has become an essential part of their user experience.


Sephora Omnichannel Strategy


The famous makeup brand Sephora provides an omnichannel experience to its customers by connecting online purchases by buyers to their in-store visits.

It is bringing an initiative of Beauty Bag account for customers where they can use in-store tablets that the brand offers. By using this account, customers can explore details for a product as well as try them virtually using digital software.

This way, Sephora allows them to add products directly to their wish list and buy it later.

Additionally, it offers complimentary makeovers and beauty workshops to customers.

The brand understands that its customers have a broad range of products to explore, which might overwhelm them, by including the feature of Beauty Bag connecting in-store interaction channels. This way, Sephora helps its buyers to narrow down relevant products and maintain a list of products that they may buy in the future.


Hence, we can see that Omni-channel marketing in business-to-business implies having extensive insights into the overall purchasing behavior of your consumers.

With it, you can work on better serving your target audience, which will improve conversion rates.

Also, you will have a clear idea of what works for your customers and your business.

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