Biz Tips: How Account-Based Marketing Principles Apply to Dating

Biz Tips: How Account-Based Marketing Principles Apply to Dating


How Account-Based Marketing Principles Apply to Dating

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As I immersed myself deeper and deeper into account-based marketing (ABM) I started thinking in ABM terms even beyond marketing.

“Hey, let’s watch a movie tonight, what do you want to see — action, comedy, or drama?” — “Let’s look at what we’ve rated highly on Netflix in the past within Action category that features Natalie Portman and pick from those” — how is that not predictive account selection… khm… movie selection?

What if account-based marketing principles could be applied to everything in life?

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The marketing funnel has always reminded me of a dating funnel — you start with a pool of potential dates (leads), you begin talking to a few people (MQLs), maybe go on a couple of dates with some (SQLs), then maybe get to know a few of them a bit more (Opportunities), then maybe you travel together, become closer, or even move in together (progress through opportunity stages), have some Closed Lost along the way and potentially a Closed Won or two. Makes sense, right? What if this could be optimized in an ABM kind of way?

Let’s walk through this together:

You see? This would work way better than going on numerous fruitless dates with dozens (if not hundreds) of people.

Let’s elaborate on each step.

1. Identify your top targets.

If you were to do this the ABM way, you’d use your existing data (dating history) and predictive scoring (eHarmony, OKC, or Tinder or another Everstring or Infer equivalent of the dating world, where some software tells you the likelihood of a match based on various aspects of your and their personality). You could also put your additional qualification criteria on top of that. For example, has to have a place to live, has to be able to support themselves financially, has to like trivia nights — whatever it is for you. Once you have all that in place, your pool of prospects will be significantly narrower and way more qualified.

2. Research your targets, identify the influencers.

If you were doing ABM, here you’d find out all the right titles and people who would be involved in the decision making process, in case of dating — find out which social networks your prospects are active on, if they have any influencers in their lives that would actually advise them on personal life decisions. In ABM you’d use Zoominfo and LinkedIn for this step.

3. Identify intent signals.

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In ABM, this is where Bombora, G2Crowd or a similar solution comes into play. In dating the intent signals could be purely behavior-based — are your prospects actively engaged in socializing in group setting? Do they put extra time into their appearance? Does their Facebook status say “looking for the love of my life”?

4. Personalized approach to engage the prospects across channels.

Let’s say during the research stage you found out that snowboarding is a big influence of your prospects’ lives. Then one of your channels becomes the slopes of Heavenly. You also found out that they are really into opera — get those tickets and “accidentally” bump into them at the opera house. In account based marketing you would be showing very targeted top of the funnel ads using Terminus or DemandBase, doing website personalization (Marketo ABM, DemandBase, Optimizely), and setting up custom events, webinars, and luncheons for your top named account prospects.

5. Close and be happy

This stage is different for everyone. Define what the ideal situation looks like for you and as you nurture your new relationship with multiple marketing/sales touches (flowers, movies, dates, etc.), you will find various ways to accelerate the opportunity to Closed Won stage of the funnel. In ABM you’d use highly customized behavior-based marketing nurture tracks, lead to account mapping with LeanData, Outreach on the sales side, PathFactory for content nurture, PFL or Sendoso for direct mail.

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This is just one of the ways ABM principles could help us navigate life and find love, but there are many others! What about the job search, for example? What if instead of letting recruiters know you are open to new opportunities on your LinkedIn profile and applying to every job that looks somewhat fitting you chose the jobs within specific companies you actually want to work at and would succeed at based on data, then courted those specific companies, made connections with the people there and then landed your dream job way more efficiently and proactively?

Have you found a creative way of applying your ABM wisdom in life? Please share!

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