Biz Tips: Gut Marketing: Part 1 — KENDU, FOVI3D and 3D Pixel

Biz Tips: Gut Marketing: Part 1 — KENDU, FOVI3D and 3D Pixel


Gut Marketing: Part 1 — KENDU, FOVI3D and 3D Pixel

Gut Marketing: Part 1 — KENDU, FOVI3D and 3D Pixel

What is Gut Marketing? The phrase “it’s a gut feeling” is more than that. We process based on our instinct, trust, and the impact it has on us. It’s visceral, powerful, charismatic and magnetic. So many thought processes go through this checklist. The future of Visual Marketing depends on it.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

Let’s start with Aesthetic Beauty in a Brick and Mortar Store

The Kendu Way is a monumental visual landscape showing the marketable future vision of storefront design. It gives hope for brick and mortar stores. It’s a lifestyle and a transition from a frenzy, frazzled and fanatical shopper mentality. It offers an atmosphere that beckons a thoughtful, pensive and decisive shopper.

  • Gone are the days of standing outside in a blizzard or cats & dogs pouring rain just to stand in line for the double doors to open at 6 butt-cold a.m. Black Friday.
  • Gone are the days of standing in line watching the cashier pick up each item and decides to read the expiration date.
  • Gone are the days of holding on for dear life as the Wii Nunchuck-like scanner is used in a defamatory way, turning it in a 360° upside down Tony Hawk style he would be proud of then shoves it across like a smelly sock.
  • Gone are the days of looking to see how expensive that 2k-piece Lego set is when all you have to do is use your smarphone/iphone app to scan the QR code.
  • Gone are the days of watching every individual scan of over 100+ items you impulsively bought then offered some snacks and a drink in the checkout line to the shopper behind you.
  • Gone are the days of OCD buying habits of 100 plus items from little old ladies who get to the cashier and open their wallet and write a check. Yes, a check. *“Honey, how much did you say that was?” “Oh…yes now I see it. I didn’t know that was on the screen.”

P.S. Our spending habits really need to change but in the meantime…Marketing is evolving and it is changing to feed the needs and demands of millennials. Below is an example.

Kendu has been involved with several Projects across Europe and the U.S. Below are case studies listed as KENDU “Projects” that represent the renovations and transformation of retail stores. The use of their customized “lightboxes” signifies the visual marketing transformation and how it affects what it takes to re-build a brand. Visualize this example: curating specialized pieces and highlighting them with new signage and LED lighting boxes.


    Kendu wanted to give Superdry, a UK brand clothing line, a truly unique look. It is a combination of vintage Americana, athletic (hoodies, t-shirts, etc.) with Japanese graphics. Kendu had a challenge facing them with the restrictions of the outside mall, South Shore Plaza, located in Braintree, Mass. (a Boston suburb named after Braintree, Essex, England). They used their Smartframe® kits which intersect together allowing textile prints to be “illuminated” as images into a super large framed LED lightbox. Kendu offered Solutions for Marketing by creating a customized “Cash Cloud” with Smartframe LED lightboxes for this incredible brand, SUPERDRY.
    Kendu used Kendu’s Image Management System (IMS), for the third largest group of department stores in the UK so they can access and update their stores’ supports and textiles anywhere anytime as well as being eco-friendly, certified by AENOR.
    Kendu implemented their lightboxes for this UK boutique store which sells enormous amounts for a boutique store.

Marketing isn’t all about the digital medium. There is a reason why brick and mortar stores will remain open. Digital and Bespoke represents your brand. We still know that what you see on a screen is not always what we get after we buy it online. There is still some predictability.

Photo by Dil on Unsplash
  • Primark is an Irish fashion retailer (Dublin and Belfast) and the UK’s 3rd largest. They recently opened a store in Munich. Kendu designed an overhang lightbox with the following: For the main window display, eight large-format lightboxes each measuring 4.6 meters high by 1.6 metres wide, were installed to achieve a spectacular 13-metre-long visual above the store’s entrance.


Before I explain FOVI3D, it’s important to give some back story on how technology transforms.

Marey’s chronophotographic gun was made in 1882, this instrument was capable of taking 12 consecutive frames a second, with all the frames recorded on the same picture. Using these pictures he studied horses, birds, dogs, sheep, donkeys, elephants, fish, microscopic creatures, molluscs, insects, reptiles, etc. Some call it Marey’s “animated zoo”. Marey also conducted the famous study about cats always landing on their feet. He conducted very similar studies with a chicken and a dog and found that they could do almost the same. Marey also studied human locomotion. He published another book Le Mouvement in 1894. (excerpt: Chronophotography by a pioneer in Cinematography, Étienne-Jules Marey)

Plenoptic imaging is an emerging technology.

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