Biz Tips: Going Out Of The Box For Social Media. (Boxboy)

Biz Tips: Going Out Of The Box For Social Media. (Boxboy)


Going Out Of The Box For Social Media. (Boxboy)

A Talk With Social Media Pros #7

It’s that time of day again where we get to ask some questions to people who have real influence on social media and get to learn a bit about them and how they got there.

This week I’m more than happy to have been able to interview no other than Harrison Wain.

You might know him by his Instagram name Boxboy, where he makes funny videos and interacts with his 1.5 million followers on a consistent basis.

Enough introductions, let’s get started!

How Did You Start Using Social Media In The First Place?

When I was younger I always watched various artists music videos in my bedroom and was mesmerized about what it would be like to be a celebrity.

As I got older I started watching video creators on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, soon afterward I realized I wanted to make comedic personality videos on social media.

I first started with the Instagram and have worked out a way to increase the speed of growth on the platform through various techniques.

My current goal for this year is to get to 10 million on both platforms YouTube and Instagram!

Which Social Media Platform Feels Underrated To You And Why?

Instagram is definitely an underrated social media platform that is rising as one of the most mainstream social platforms right now.

The reason I think it’s underrated is because there’s a lot of video creators there that aren’t getting the same attention from management agencies and other resources that YouTube creators get, which is one of the reasons of getting my YouTube career in full thrust this year.

What Are You Doing Differently Inside Your Niche?

My niche is comedy and entertainment videos with a twist of my own inspiration, I used various tactics to make growing my social media profile exponential and fast.

I’m using these tactics and constantly creating new ideas and trying new stuff to ensure that I pass my competition as this year I’m gonna have to take over.

My next challenge is to learn tactics to make my YouTube grow exponentially too, as it is part of my goals this year.

If You Had To Pick One Social Media Account You Look Up To , Which One Would It Be And Why?

I look up to my self (@Boxboy) … nah but seriously, I look up to my bro Jun Yang (@Sexyjefo) as he has taught me to never give up and keep hustling at all costs!

We also help each other with video productions and ideas to make our videos as viral as possible and then we can share our demographics to make our videos hit different parts of the world and increase our growth rate!


If you want to see what BoxBoy does then you should check his videos out on Instagram!

BOXBOY 🦋 (@imboxboy) * Instagram photos and videos

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