Biz Tips: Get Used To Hearing The Word NO!

Biz Tips: Get Used To Hearing The Word NO!


Get Used To Hearing The Word NO!

Don’t give up

Not everyone is going to get you

Not everyone is going to need what you offer

Or perhaps they just don’t trust you enough to hand over their hard earned cash!

As an entrepreneur you’re going to get a lot of rejection

(And I’m not talking about girls or guys in the nightclub, that happens whether you’re an entrepreneur or not lol)

How you deal with it moving forward is going to determine how long it takes you to reach your goals

Or even better still,

How you turn them into a yes.

Note: sometimes in life people say no because it’s a lot easier than saying: “yes”, “maybe” or “not sure”. That’s because those sorts of replies create the need for more communication (which ultimately creates a greater risk for time wasted).

So your first job is to work out who is saying no because it’s easy, and who is saying no because they really mean NO

If you start feeling like you’re hearing “no” a little too much, (WARNING: whilst trying to work out your perfect offer, you’re going to get a lot of rejection), it’s probably a sign that you’ve got something wrong.

So test different approaches, see what works for you, measure the results, then pivot.

On that note: don’t take rejection to seriously

Just be positive and learn from the process and use that to fine tune it for the future.

So get out there and get rejected people, you’ll be a better human for it.

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