Biz Tips: Full Sail Brewery Review: Grab ‘n’ Go-Go Variety Pack Brewed For Adventurous Beer Lovers

Biz Tips: Full Sail Brewery Review: Grab ‘n’ Go-Go Variety Pack Brewed For Adventurous Beer Lovers

Biz Tip:

Full Sail Brewery Review: Grab ‘n’ Go-Go Variety Pack Brewed For Adventurous Beer Lovers

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Memorial Day is fast approaching as the official kick off to summer fun. Along with great BBQs, camping and hikes, beer enthusiasts will want to be packing their favorite beer to enjoy. Full Sail Brewery has you covered with a wide selection to satisfy your needs on a hot summer day.

Full Sail offers their Grab ‘n’ Go-Go variety pack, which is loaded with take-anywhere, 12 oz. cans of Blood Orange Wheat, Amber Ale and Airstream IPA. This pack is great for your adventures searching for Big Foot, climbing your next mountain, laying in a hammock at the camp grounds or a cookout in your backyard.

“The Grab ‘n’ Go-Go has the best of everything, from our gold-standard Amber to our newest refreshing pale ale and balanced IPA,” says Full Sail Brewmaster Greg Doss. “Our new canning line really shines here, making this variety pack the perfect thing to grab and bring along for any adventure, indoor or out.”

Airstream IPA

Full Sail’s Airstream IPA is the perfect brew for weekend warriors, explorers, adventurers and thrill seekers. What you will enjoy is a balanced, unfiltered, easy-drinking, Northwest-style IPA. As you enjoy each sip take not that this balanced IPA is loaded with fruity hop aromatics and citrus notes. However, this IPA is low on bitterness. Full Sail has geared this IPA for any adventure as it goes down smooth and easy.

Wherever the road of life takes you this summer like stargazing, campfiring, spelunking, lake-jumping, or just toasting the end of a great day with friends, make sure to say cheers to wanderlust and Airstream IPA.

Blood Orange Wheat

Blood Orange Wheat Ale became the favorite of many when Full Sail added it to their rotating Pub Series last year. Brewed with 2-row Northwest Pale, Malted Wheat, and Unmalted Wheat. Blood orange provides a subtle twist to this refreshing brew. It pours with a white lacy head and a hint of orange aroma. A medium malt body with a crisp wheat finish and subtle orange flavor.

Full Sail recommends pairing this wheat ale with summer fruit salad, fresh seafood, smoked Gouda and soft cheeses like a triple crème Brie, chevre and mascarpone; meringue desserts.

“Wake me up before you Grab n’ Go-Go!”

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Amber Ale

Last in the variety packed was their original amber ale. Full Sail first brewed this in 1989, which was the first Amber ale in Oregon and the first craft beer to go into a bottle. You will take note that this amber is a sweet, malty, medium-bodied ale with a spicy, floral hop finish. It is brewed with 2-row Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts. A perfect drink to toss back with friends at your next BBQ.

Full Sail recommends pairing their Amber Ale with fresh grilled fish, any seafood; including garlic shrimp, salmon steaks, calamari and ceviche. Lasagna, aged Gouda, or baked chevre cheese, BBQ ribs, chicken enchiladas, chicken diablo, Caesar salad, grilled vegetables and stews.

Sesión Negra

While not in their Grab ‘n’ Go-Go variety pack<, Full is offering a Mexican style dark lager. Their Sesión Negra has a crisp, easy-drinking vibe. Slightly darker than the original Sesión Cerveza, Sesión Negra has a toasty sweetness, copper color, and the kind of malty aroma one would expect from a Mexican lager.

“Sesión Negra is a clean, refreshing, easy-drinking Mexican lager with a hint of caramel,” says Doss. “It’s not a porter, and it’s very different from Session Dark.” And like every Session, Sesión Negra is brewed to go down easy. Full Sail promises to put a smile on your face when you toss back this dark lager.

Even on ice, they’re absolutely en fuego ?

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Overall, it was a great experience sharing beers from Full Sail. Again, what did you think I got right and what do you think I said wrong? Let us know in the comments section.

Disclaimer: For purposes of this review, Full Sail provided a sample of their beers.

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