Biz Tips: [Free eBook]: How qualitative analytics can improve your mobile app

Biz Tips: [Free eBook]: How qualitative analytics can improve your mobile app


[Free eBook]: How qualitative analytics can improve your mobile app

It’s official: the analytics industry has shifted, and qualitative analytics has been adopted by the late majority. As stats from late 2018 show, 65% of the top apps are using qualitative analytics. The effort is paying off, too: apps that used qualitative analytics had 20% more app installs, 22% higher ratings, and were 6 to 8 positions higher in app store rankings on Google Play and the Apple App Store, respectively.

Qualitative analytics has changed the way mobile professionals work with data. Before qualitative, analytics dashboards would give you only numerical data. You would then have to try to figure out the story behind those numbers. Why is this screen’s quit rate so high? Why are users dropping off this stage in the funnel? With qualitative, instead of guessing what the numerical metrics mean, you can get visual insights that make any issue easy to find and fix. Qualitative tools such as user session recordings and touch heatmaps can cover anything from crash resolution and version optimization to user research and usability testing. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that can save time, guesswork, and money.

The introduction of qualitative analytics to the mobile app world meant that product owners could now go beyond the numbers and get actionable insights on their users’ behavior: answer the “whys” and not only the “whats”, make better data-driven decisions, and see user behavior with their very eyes.

See what some top companies had to say about using qualitative analytics:

“Qualitative Analytics helped us uncover distinct user behavior patterns, that we were not able to detect with any other tool. By leveraging these valuable insights, we were able to increase our app user invitations by 12%.”

– Tal Adler, Head of Demand Products, Gett

“A lot of our games have unique gestures which we simply can’t analyze with traditional analytics. We chose to work with Qualitative Analytics because their powerful touch heatmaps and user recordings allow us to actually see how gamers execute particular gestures.”

– Gordon Liu , Senior Program Manager, Netease Games

“We use Qualitative Analytics to expertly assess and optimize Tripsta’s UI, from our search capabilities to our bookings log. Qualitative analytics helped us guarantee the utmost positive UX for our users- and our users couldn’t be happier!”

– Pantos Papazoglou, Mobile Product Manager, Tripsta

Why do you need a guide to qualitative analytics?

The evolution of analytics has happened because there’s a deep need for it. Analytics is not only becoming more specified but also more robust in terms of what mobile teams are able to track and analyze. Now app professionals have the ability to actually see and qualify specific user behavior instead of just broadly define it by numbers. How? With the help of two features: touch heatmaps that show interaction and gestures on an aggregate level, and session recordings that show user actions and experience on a single-user level. The Definitive Guide to Qualitative Analytics explains exactly why this change is happening, what it means, and how you can harness its full value.

Even though qualitative analytics is pretty easy to set and up and start using, this guide also provides you with the knowledge you need to understand what qualitative can do for you, and to help you make the most of whatever analytics tool you choose.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for mobile product managers, mobile app developers, UX researchers, UI designers, mobile marketers, mobile startup leaders, or any other type of “appreneur”. You do not need to have a Masters in Statistics or Data Science in order to get the most from this guide. All you need is the ambition to build the best app possible and the willingness to rethink how you gather and use data.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff…

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