Biz Tips: Four Ways To Start Branding Yourself Today

Biz Tips: Four Ways To Start Branding Yourself Today


Four Ways To Start Branding Yourself Today

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The word branding comes up in every other sentence nowadays but how do you actually go about “branding yourself”.

Well, first of all, you have to understand what branding really is.

I like to think of your brand as both intangible and tangible.

The tangible elements are all the visual elements like your logo, favicon, submark, typography, colors, etc… but what’s really going to set you apart is the intangible aspects like the way you show up for your audience.

Most of you in serviced based business are your brand and this is the most valuable asset you have in your business.


There are probably so many other businesses out there doing the same thing as you BUT what makes your business different is YOU!

So you’ve got to make sure to show up for your audience and give them the opportunity to connect with you. Allow them to get to know you so that you can inspire, motivate, educate, and entertain them.

First things first, who are you talking to?

Make sure you are clear on who your ideal client is so that you aren’t speaking to everyone and consequently not talking to anyone at all.

I actually created an in-depth worksheet to help you figure out who your Ideal Client really is so make sure to download it here.

Ok, so let’s now go into the four ways you can start branding yourself today

1. Story

We all have a story to tell, a why, a journey, and it’s our job to share it with our audience so that they can connect with us on a deeper level. People buy from people and your story is the best way to help others relate to you and provide a human element to your brand.

Storytelling is a powerful tool when communicating what your brand is all about.

2. IG stories

IG is honestly the best SM platform to reach your audience right now! Of course, this depends on who your audience is but in general your audience can be found on IG and if you aren’t using it to reach them then I suggest you hop on it ASAP.

I wanted to cover IG stories in particular because stories are the best way to give your audience a behind the scenes look into your business and life. Stories give you so many tools like polls and the ask a question feature to allow you to have a conversation with your followers.

Natasha from Sol Studio Marketing says:

Using IG stories can help you form relationships with your followers, especially with the new “questions” feature. Stories are a behind-the-scenes look into business. When creating a stories strategy, tailor your content to your followers’ needs and focus on providing value. Be consistent with your stories — I typically suggest posting daily and numerous times throughout the day if possible. The more consistent you are, the more your story will pop up for your followers to view first. Fortunately, stories can be off-the-cusp and less polished than a post, so there’s no excuse to not show up daily.

3. FB group

I know what you’re probably thinking… “there’s already soo many FB groups out there! Why start my own?!”

I felt the exact same way until I realized I have my own perspectives, skills, values, and overall value to share and so do you! Start a FB group in your niche so that you can start growing a community of like-minded people and establish yourself as an expert.

When you start your own FB group don’t go into thinking that you are just going to start this group and all of a sudden you are going to have tons of clients coming your way. You have to genuinely deliver value and grow a community!

I started my very own FB group recently!

4. Newsletter

Last but not least is your newsletter! You need to be sending out newsletters at least four times a week to 1) deliver value straight to your potential clients inbox 2) so that they don’t forget about you 3) to start conversations.

I’ve honestly slacked off on this area of my business but I’ve developed a schedule and have gotten way better at communicating with my audience via my newsletters.

Use your newsletters as a way to share a behind the scenes look in your business, share exclusive announcements with your list, and to engage them.

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There is a lot more that goes into it so I actually created an in-depth “Branding Worksheet” to help you define your ideal client and your brand! You can download the free “Branding Worksheet” here.

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