Biz Tips: Flip Your Funnel: Begin With Your Customers

Biz Tips: Flip Your Funnel: Begin With Your Customers


Flip Your Funnel: Begin With Your Customers

Flip Your Funnel: Begin Your Customers

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In order to increase profits, acquire new customers, and reduce churn you have to know your customers.

And I’m not talking about some random ‘Sally Sales Girl’ persona that marketing put together. Sally Sales Girl is great for a very generic concept of your overall customer base, but it’s not going to help you build relationships and community with your actual customers. You know, the ones who are currently using and loving your product.

Des Traynor at Intercom spoke about this very topic at WebSummit 2018. Here’s the video and the slides. It’s 18 minutes filled with information that will change the way you look at marketing and your customers. Watch it and save yourself time and money.

This is my favorite slide.

The best marketing starts with happy, paying, customers. Absolutely! Of course, it does! And starting there is actually easier than you may think.

Why You Should Begin Your Content Marketing Strategy With Your Customers

You have three types of customers.

  1. Your worst enemies
  2. Your Biggest Fans
  3. Your Meh Customers

Each of these types of customers has an incredible experience and value to you, your marketing teams, and your sales teams.

Your Biggest Fans Customers love your product. They’ve found ways to use it that suits their unique needs and they speak your praises all over the internet and networking events.

These are the customers you want more of. You should want to clone millions of these customers so they can all love your product and shout it to the world. And while you can’t actually clone your Biggest Fan Customers, you can make sure your messaging, positioning, sales language and copy all work together to reach as many of them as possible.

Your Worst Enemy Customers hate your product. It wasn’t what they were expecting. It didn’t have the features they need, or the UX wasn’t intuitive to them, or it didn’t sync with other software they work with.

Your Meh Customers may be new, or they may be paying for your service but not really using it at all. These customers can easily be convinced to switch companies by a good sale, or at the first instance of friction.

That’s why it’s imperative to begin your content marketing with your current customer. It’s important to know each of the types of customers. When you know your current customer’s thoughts, feelings, and desires you are better able to serve their needs, and serving their needs will help you build a relationship with them.

Begin With Non-Sales Conversations

A ProfitWell study found that when companies spend only 10 hours a month having non-sales conversations with customers they grow by 30% annually.

That number is crazy! Here’s how it breaks down that way.

  1. Conversations with your current customers without an agenda or sales pitch allows your customers to open up and talk genuinely about their experiences.
  2. The more conversations you have, the more you pick up on consistencies in their language and word choice. These are called relational keywords. Using relational keywords can be more powerful than the best search engine keyword.
  3. The more you use relational keywords the easier your customer’s will understand you and your product.
  4. The more customers understand your product, the easier they buy and the more they love it because it’s the perfect fit for their needs.
  5. Because it fits their needs perfectly and they love it so much, they stay loyal customers and they tell all their friends to be loyal customers.

10 hours is a tiny investment in something that yields 30% growth over a year, but despite those very impressive numbers, the same ProfitWell Study found that most companies are having 0–10 conversations with their customers a month.

If customer development isn’t a priority in your company, then growth isn’t a priority in your company. The two go hand in hand, and the only way to ensure longevity in this ever-changing market is to get close to your customers.

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