Biz Tips: Five ways to boost your crowdfunding campaign

Biz Tips: Five ways to boost your crowdfunding campaign


Five ways to boost your crowdfunding campaign

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With crowdfunding becoming popular in more and more countries), making your campaign stand out will only get harder and harder. Kickstarter already has 146,668 successfully funded projects to date, and that number continues to rise. However, it isn’t easy to become part of that statistic. Though there are specific crowdfunding protocols you have to follow, you can always go the extra mile to stand out from your competition. What truly matters is how you go about it. Some people go down the traditional marketing route while others try to find new approaches. With the continuously rising competition, it’s crucial to be ahead of the curve. The following five methods can help jumpstart your campaign.

Go live often

Whether you use Instagram or Facebook, it’s vital to do a live video of your campaign prototype during the crowdfunding stage. The more you do it, the better. You can also turn it into a more interactive experience by using Instagram’s “Going live with someone” feature. Remember to promote the correct date and time of your live broadcast on social media at least one week before to maximize your outreach.

Make your backers feel special

Offering huge discounts and hosting giveaways are great ways to make your early bird backers feel special and appreciated. This also encourages them to share your campaign with others in their community. You can even make it more rewarding by offering “Buy One, Get One Free” offers or throwing in an accessory.

Contact influencers

Consider ways you can use this new form of marketing to your advantage. Contact people with large social media followings and ask them to try out or review your product. This helps build brand value and enhances your campaign’s credibility at the same time. It’s similar to applying traditional PR in a more social way.

Use services to reach more people

You can improve the outreach of your campaign by using platforms such as Crowdreach, Enventys Partners, Launchboom, Backercamp, and Funded Today. We also offer similar services at my company, Gadget Flow. Whether your product is an everyday carry item or a smart gadget, consider expanding outside of the crowdfunding zone and appealing to general consumers. These platforms have millions of viewers that could potentially take your campaign to the next level.

Consider going offline for local projects

Campaigns that target a local audience can benefit from offline marketing, such as a local event where you announce your project and promote it to your community. Allocate a portion of your budget for offline advertisement. You can create an event on Facebook once you’ve gathered a couple of hundred email addresses from your local community via Facebook Ads. Then, present your product, do a giveaway, give exclusive discounts, and offer sneak peeks.

By using a combination of the tips above, you can gain more attention for your campaign to get funded faster. Try out as many marketing channels as you can to determine what works best for you.

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