Biz Tips: Five Questions That Let You Know If You’re Addicted To “Make Money Online” Marketing

Biz Tips: Five Questions That Let You Know If You’re Addicted To “Make Money Online” Marketing


Five Questions That Let You Know If You’re Addicted To “Make Money Online” Marketing

Five Signs That It’s Time To Kick The “Make Money Online” Addiction

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You know the story. You’re sitting in front of your computer looking for the fastest and easiest way to earn your first dollars online. You’ve tried a bunch of methods, but here’s a new one. It’s making the same promise, but this one sounds like it’s better than the rest.

You feel a bit skeptical because you haven’t had much success with previous methods. Yet, this one has some motivating success stories from others that tried it themselves. Maybe this one will be different.

So you whip out your credit card and make the purchase. Then for the first few days, you start devouring the content and put the suggested methods into action. Usually, because there’s always a call to action that of course says you need to take action.

Do you get the results you’re looking for? Nope! Is it time to give up? Let’s not get too hasty.

The Truth

Making money online and living these lavish lifestyles is a fantasy that marketers use to motivate you to buy their product. For years, fear, doubt, and desperation kept me suffering from Shiny Object Syndrome.

I didn’t believe I could start a successful online business. Instead, I would look for the easiest method out there that made big promises. Then after a few days without results, I would scrap that idea and try something new.

It’s hard to stop shiny object syndrome when your circumstances constantly add pressure and make you feel like you don’t deserve success. Once we begin living with that mindset, getting out of it seems impossible.

Sometimes it can feel like you just keep running into a massive brick wall every time you try to make a new idea work. Makes you wonder if you’re actually cut out for this lifestyle you want so badly. The common things people say like, “You have to have money to make money.”, or “You have to be lucky to be successful online.” start to sound a little more believable.

You Are Cut Out For This!

There is no easy button for life. If making a living online was easy, everyone would do it. People wouldn’t try to fill your head with doubts when you tell them you want to build an online business.

The problem with digital marketing is they don’t tell you about the many failures that came along their path to success. That story just sounds way too difficult to accomplish on your own. So they cut the ugliest parts of the story out and condense it down to the most significant parts that trigger the strongest emotions.

That’s why it’s so easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome. We focus most of our energy trying to make the leap from rags to riches overnight. Honestly, if you had to choose between a product that will guarantee your success in a week versus a product that will guarantee your success in 3–5 years, which one would you buy?

Of course, the 7-day product.

Short-Term Success Is A Unicorn

Recently I realized that I’m addicted to the allure of making money online and now it’s time for me to detox. I’m sure there are thousands of you that are probably wondering the same thing. Am I wasting my time and money buying into these products and services that teach how to make money online?

I’m here to tell you that there’s no such thing as a product or service that will bring you financial freedom in a matter of days, or weeks. Perhaps months, but even that takes many sleepless nights. It’s time to accept that fact.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some legit programs out there that have changed some people’s lives. That doesn’t mean they work for everyone, though. And let’s be honest, there are some downright scams out there using marketing tactics to prey on your vulnerability.

Time To Detox!

I want to share five questions you need to ask yourself in order to escape the hamster wheel of digital marketing. A more powerful level of awareness can help you keep your focus on the right path.

Also, you will know how to recognize real opportunities and how to properly apply them toward reaching your goals. The amount of opportunity out there on the web is overwhelming and it can have you constantly second-guessing yourself.

So let’s get right into it.

1. Are You Choosing Skill or the Easy Button?

Take a look through all the products and services you’ve purchased over time. What do they primarily offer as a promise for success? Do they emphasize skills that you can learn, or do they all say you can just push this button and watch your bank account rise in a few days?

If it’s the latter, you might want to consider focusing more on skill-based programs. You can get caught in the “I need to keep learning” trap too, but in that case, you probably need to start taking more action and applying what you’ve learned to real-life scenarios.

Don’t try to avoid the hard tasks. The hard tasks are where you find the gold. All of the most successful online entrepreneurs are very disciplined people. They spent years learning and practicing their craft. It didn’t happen overnight for them and it won’t for you either.

2. Are You Desperate?

If you’re constantly looking for the miracle digital marketing product that will change the circumstances of your life, it’s time to stop. Most of the stuff these “gurus” teach is out there for free, or you can buy it very cheap. Spending hundreds of dollars on a product in hopes that it can change your life is a recipe for disaster.

This is especially true if you have bills overdue and you really can’t afford the products you’re buying. We tend to be more willing to gamble when we’re desperate. There are very few people who pull off miracles in that state of mind.

3. Are You Trying To Be A Fake Guru?

Have you been trying to tell others how to make money online, but you have yet to earn a single dime? Yes, there are lots of fake gurus out there making money, but do you really want to take advantage of vulnerable people?

Think about the times you bought a product hoping it could bring financial freedom. How did you feel when it didn’t work? Did you trust the person you bought the product from after that? I bet you didn’t. The biggest sign letting you know you’re dealing with a fake guru is that their products have a poor shelf life. In the digital world at least.

4. Are You Spamming Your Family and Friends?

If you feel it’s necessary to post your offers or “opportunities” on social media and you don’t get a single like or response, you might be considered a spammer. What this means is they aren’t interested and probably have already removed you from their feed.

What’s worse is when you get on your soapbox and complain about your friends and family not supporting your dreams. The reality is, they don’t want whatever it is you’re pushing. They don’t see value in it. If you haven’t realized that you need something of value to offer to a hungry audience, then perhaps making money online isn’t for you.

5. Do You Take The 4 Hour Work Week Literally?

Even Tim Ferriss isn’t actually working 4 hours a week. His podcast interviews are usually 2–3 hours long by themselves. He’s a busy man. I’m sure he loves what he does, and that makes his career a lot more enjoyable. There’s no way he’s actually working 4 hours a week.

You don’t want to make the mistake of believing once you start making money online that your work hours will decrease and you get to travel the world all the time and sip margaritas on every imaginable beach on the planet while working on your laptop.

This type of fantasy isn’t real and you should be wary of any marketing that uses that as a way to get you to buy. All the glitz and glamour are classic symbols of success, but it’s intentional. Remember when Tai Lopez was constantly showing up before any YouTube video you watched?

Don’t get me wrong. Tai Lopez is a great marketer and a lot of what he talks about is legit, but most of the entry-level products he offers aren’t gonna change your life.

Kick The Addiction

If you truly want to be a successful internet marketer and entrepreneur, then you need to develop and master a high-value skill. It might take years before you see any results. You’re gonna have to embrace that. Don’t fall for outrageous promises. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Eben Pagan has a program called self-made wealth. One of the critical mindsets he teaches is when you are about to buy something, wait a few days before buying it. This will give you the much needed time to allow your emotions to settle and think clearly about the purchase. In other words, you’ll realize that you don’t really need it.

I suggest applying this to any make money online product you suddenly feel the urge to buy. They usually have a deadline to buy it and then take away the offer. Here’s the truth, if it’s really a great product, it will come back. By then, you may realize you didn’t need it in the first place.

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