Biz Tips: Entrepreneurs are Cohorts with Creatives

Biz Tips: Entrepreneurs are Cohorts with Creatives


Entrepreneurs are Cohorts with Creatives

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Why You Should Stop Straining Yourself

I am my biggest critic. I am so self-critical that it hinders my growth.

And I’m not alone. This is a trait that I share with my fellow Type A kids who never felt like they were good enough. This stems from high expectations of parents who wanted their kids to have straight As. We were ingrained with the idea that we should take ourselves too seriously cause the world needs people who will get the work done.

But there are those who are on the side of the spectrum who are labeled as rebels. They are the ones going against the grain and, from a young age, knew that societal norms don’t make sense. They didn’t succumb to the pressures of parents of colleagues. They paved their own path and called themselves artists. There are tons of stories like this in the creative field — photographers, writers, or filmmakers.

Me and my wife are in bed this afternoon, took time off from work cause we couldn’t do anything productive. Our Shopify store just got closed down, and we can’t get inside Amazon Seller Central. We put on the spa music and watched the trees sway outside with the cool breeze.

“Do you remember the time when we were kids,” my wife said. “And life was all fun? I kind of miss that. I would run, play hide and seek, or imagine having superpowers. Life was filled with smiles. We were all about playing…games.”

“We should not take ourselves too seriously,” I said. “This is not life and death. We have been holding onto it too tightly that we suffocated and burned out. We should laugh at our failures and get excited about the new challenges ahead.”

Entrepreneurs are cohorts of creatives. They are one and the same. Julia Cameron’s The Artist Way helped me through my journey in becoming a better actor. And I can now see that those principles are not far from becoming a better entrepreneur.

When I was studying acting, I was afraid of putting in my style in my performances. I had tons of insecurities. And most of all, I had fears of failing my performance. But I needed to get over those hurdles to create a stunning performance. I had to get out of the way and let my inner artist do the work. I had to cast the ego aside and get the job done.

In the end, what mattered was shipping the work. I needed to step in front of an audience and perform.

This is the same with Entrepreneurship. We need to get the job done and let all the unnecessary stuff on the wayside. Pride, ego, and insecurities should be out the door. We continue to find creative ways to solve problems. We detach our emotions from our work and not let it destroy our destroy our business relationships.

We are creatives, and we should ship something every day. It’s the daily grind and hustle of creating results on a day to day basis that’ll bring us to goals.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’re facing today? Maybe it’s you yourself who’s holding you back. Remember the feeling when you’re young, and life was all about playing a game. Go back into that time and let your inner artist do the work.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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