Biz Tips: Drive Revenue by Managing and Engaging Leads Effectively with SharpSpring CRM

Biz Tips: Drive Revenue by Managing and Engaging Leads Effectively with SharpSpring CRM

Biz Tip:

Drive Revenue by Managing and Engaging Leads Effectively with SharpSpring CRM

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SharpSpring CRM for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the ever-growing and quickly changing digital marketing and e-commerce world, it can be very difficult for small to mid-size businesses to manage their prospects, leads and sales processes in a cost-effective way. Selecting a CRM for an SMB can be a financially daunting task that can expend many man hours in search of the perfect solution. The good news is, your search is over!  SharpSpring CRM now offers an incredibly powerful and completely free CRM for small businesses, designed to drive leads, close deals, and multiply sales revenue.

To fully analyze and understand your customer base, a wide variety of free sales and marketing tools that are offered through SharpSpring can be applied to help grow your business and increase revenue:

  • Site behavior tracking identifies prospects and what they are viewing and engaging with on your site allowing you to follow up with relevant content
  • Lead scoring to prioritize leads based on their behavior on your site
  • Notifications when a hot lead is active on your site so you can engage at the right time with the right message
  • Meeting scheduler to capture and track all correspondence with your customer
  • Sales reporting maximizes selling effort by analyzing customer potential to give a true forecast of opportunity and conversion throughout your sales pipeline
  • Social listening tools that provide full marketing automation rules to social media interactions generating a lead score to drive prospect identification and engagement while analyzing what is being shared about your brand, competitors and industry.
  • Form builder for collecting customer data on your site in a way that is cohesive with your branding and design without needing technical resources from your team
  • Contact manager allows a full import of all your contact into SharpSpring while managing all important communication and data on a specific contact
  • Email designer and email sync for sending easy, powerful, trackable email communication is a few simple clicks with fully designed email templates across all of your favorite email providers
  • Manage pipeline opportunities with a real-time sales forecast that identifies open opportunities, budget, business that has been won and total and expected opportunity values.

These tools, as well as many more included in the SharpSpring CRM solution, allow small businesses to develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of prospects, leads, and opportunities. This knowledge and actionable data lead to more effective customer engagement, which dramatically increases the chance of lead conversion.

More than 7,000 businesses already trust SharpSpring as their marketing and sales platform to grow revenue with their affordable marketing automation solution (similar platform to HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot).These businesses are accessible through SharpSpring’s exclusive online community which allows users to ask questions, gain insights and communicate with other businesses to learn how to get the most out of your leads and customer engagement.

In a digital world where there are many CRM options for small businesses, SharpSpring rises above the rest. SharpSpring is an established software provider and the CRM is intuitive, easy to use, available in ten languages, includes marketing tools to help you grow your pipeline and is an affordable marketing automation solution! SharpSpring’s free sales CRM also integrates with other mar-tech applications using SharpSpring’s native integrations, open API, or by leveraging hundreds of out-of-the-box connections available via Zapier and PieSync. To get started today, create a free account, log in and start transforming and growing your business in minutes.

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