Biz Tips: Don’t Be A Marketer. Be A Human Being.

Biz Tips: Don’t Be A Marketer. Be A Human Being.


Don’t Be A Marketer. Be A Human Being.

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Marketers push their products in your face. Human beings share things, which they care about.

Sorry for the weird and unconventional image.

I just laughed when I saw it, and thought I’d share it with you guys. I thought… maybe you’re gonna enjoy it, too. And isn’t that what human beings do, anyways? Don’t they just share things, they enjoy?

Marketing works quite the other way round.

It says:

“Hey guys, look! I’ve made this thing. And now I want to get my benefits for the time and effort, which I’ve put into this. Listen to me RIGHT NOW!”.

… oh and by the way. Because you are so kind to me, I’ll give you 15% discount. Well, ok. Before I’ve put the discount on it, I’ve first pumped up the price by 30%. But who cares? It’s discount, anyways! Discount!!!

Good on you buddy.

You could give me this thing for free, and I still wouldn’t care.

The human being is shy to sell.

The human being constantly asks themselves: “Have I brought enough value to my audience? Is it really worth for these people to buy my product? Does my product really have the potential to change their lives for the better?“

After a long time of sharing interesting stuff with their audience, they reluctantly start selling a product, because they need the income, to keep doing the thing they love doing the most.

So, they reluctantly say:

“Guys, by the way, if you enjoyed all the free stuff I have been sharing with you until now … I have also made this product for sale. If you think that it could be in any way helpful to you, then have a look at it!”

And people will look at it.

Because they have been getting constant value from this person. Because they are trusting this person, to care about them and their needs. Because they want to support that person, after all he or she has done for them.

Because they have a real connection with that person.

The human being cares about their audience.

Their first goal is to create things, which other people enjoy. To help other people with their problems. To make an impact of some sort. And, to build real relationships with real people.

Marketers see their audience as a number.

Human beings see their audience as friends. Or perhaps I should say, as fellow community members.

They understand that they first have to deserve the right, to make money off their work. And that this right is tied to the way in which they interact with their audience and how much value they provide.

Marketers sell, and then (perhaps) provide value.

Human beings provide value, and then (perhaps) sell.

By the time this person makes a product offer, the product is already selling itself. Because he or she has listened to their audience’s needs for a long time, and built the product accordingly.

The human being listens.

The human being listens first, and talks later. The marketer does things exactly the other way round. The marketer sells their stuff, and then listens to a pile of complaints, that this isn’t the product, he or she had promised.

The marketer sells a lot (at first).

And then loses all of his or her customers quickly.

Then, the marketer blames customers for that they don’t appreciate his or her products. And repeats the same process again. Until he or she has lost all credibility with anyone.

The marketer wants to see results quickly. And he does. But he loses all of his accomplishments equally quickly. The human being understands, that their is no way around things going slowly.

Human beings have the patience to build trust.

Human beings invest in long-term relationships.

Human beings are there for their customers because they want to. Not because they have to. They don’t pretend to care, so that they can sell more stuff. They actually care.

It is much more difficult to maintain a real relationship with your customers on a one-on-one basis, rather than to see your customers as an anonymous mass of people you can sell stuff to.

But it will be worth your while.

Not tomorrow, but in the long future.


Extreme marketers are human beings, who dug down their humanity somewhere deep down in their hearts. But there is still hope for them. All they need to do, is to start caring about the community whom they serve.

All they need to do is to forget their ‘need’ to make quick-shot profit right now. And instead focus on building a business, that provides true value its target customers.

Even if that means sharing a lot of the stuff the business produces, completely for free and with no direct benefit to the business itself.

Human beings are not selflessly giving it all away.

I don’t want to claim that at all.

But at least, they care about other people. They want to make a positive impact as much as they can. They want their products to provide real value for their target customers. And, they want to build some real relationships.

And now that we have finished the useless part….



Oh wait, there is no payment button?

Hm, too bad.



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