Biz Tips: Do Brands Need Social Media Profiles? Here’s what I learned.

Biz Tips: Do Brands Need Social Media Profiles? Here’s what I learned.


Do Brands Need Social Media Profiles? Here’s what I learned.

The majority of my clients have profiles on every big platform. Yet, they never have the resources to maintain them well. However, there is this myth going around that your company can’t strive without it.

Can I even sell my products without social media?

First, ask yourself: Would I love the supermarket across the street more, when their Facebook posts make me laugh?

Would I drive 20 extra minutes to eat at an Instagram-famous-restaurant?

Would I order more products on Amazon when they do unboxing videos on YouTube?

I would not.

I go to my supermarket because it’s across the street.

The vegetables are fresh and the cashier-lady wishes me a lovely day.

I go to restaurants because their food tastes good. Not because they speak out against right-minded people on Facebook.

I buy products on Amazon because they deliver faster than anyone else.

I learned that social media is a waste of time if you face these problems:

  1. Your social media team is one intern.
  2. You don’t have a graphics department and no time to use
  3. Your social media manager has to write content, shoot videos, research the next topic for the podcast, reply to all customer messages, create several monthly reports, like and comment on other posts, plan the budget for next year and create the next viral meme while constantly explaining to the CEO why the last Facebook post only generated 10 comments.
  4. You post the same content on every platform.
  5. You have no budget to boost your posts.
  6. Your target audience is not on the social media platform you are using.
  7. You don’t get what kind of content works well.
  8. You are only there to sell your products.
  9. You complain that the users don’t understand how funny you are.
  10. You expect to become an overnight success.

Over and over again I see clients doing the same mistakes.

Photo by Icons8 team on Unsplash

But Farschid, how do I become successful?

You have to be consistent and patient plus:

  1. Use the Bullseye Marketing Framework to focus on one or two channels. I do this every time we audit a client.
  2. Start using My team loves Canva because it makes it so easy to quickly build graphics and pictures for social media posts. The paid solution lets your graphics department create templates for you.
  3. Look at your competition. Add value to their greatest work and publish it in your name.
  4. Use Google DataStudio to automate your reports.
  5. Boost your content with at least 5€.
  6. DON’T set up another social media channel before you haven’t mastered the existing ones!
  7. Help your target group and don’t try to sell them something with each post.

Does this work every time?

Yes, if you give it time. Creating a social media strategy can be scary and overwhelming.

I get it.

But I can tell from my own experience, that it feels less scary if you break it up into simple steps.

But do I need it?

No, the only thing that matters to your customer is a high-quality product. Billions of followers won’t save you when your product sucks. Period.

The last thing I can tell you is to read this article by Nicolas Cole!

“What’s The ROI Of Personal Branding?” You Called Me. That’s The ROI.

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