Biz Tips: Determine the Smallest Audience You Can Influence

Biz Tips: Determine the Smallest Audience You Can Influence


Determine the Smallest Audience You Can Influence

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Bigger is not Better

What are you currently creating? Is it a book, a service, or a product?

Before you tell me all the features or how it’s so unique, I want to ask you — who is this for?

Don’t tell me everyone, cause everyone doesn’t exist.

That thing you’re creating, who needs it? Who’s desperate to have it? Who’s dying to start using it?

Bigger is not better.

FaceBook targeted with Harvard students only. YouTube started for home videos. Amazon started by selling books.

I’ll ask you again. That thing you’re creating, who is it for? List down ten people who fit the criteria and send them a prototype, and ask for their feedback. Are they enjoying it? Are they willing to pay you for it? Did they catch a bug or problem?

This is the start of any business endeavor. It’s a trial and error — our audience will inform our future decisions. We are building things for people who’ll use it.

It takes empathy to look at your creation from your audience’s perspective. And that’s where the secret lies, this is what separates the pros from the amateurs.

Amateurs assume they know everything and they don’t test it in the real world. Professionals have the beginner’s mind, they have the humility to say that they don’t know things and they’re willing to experiment.

Become a professional. Stop playing know-it-all and start testing.

Go out and find your first ten audiences.

Talk to you soon my friend.

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