Biz Tips: Data is Beautiful — 5 Trending Marketing Stories

Biz Tips: Data is Beautiful — 5 Trending Marketing Stories


Data is Beautiful — 5 Trending Marketing Stories

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Early in my marketing career, I had a boss tell me, “The numbers don’t lie.

The man had his flaws, but he was right. And over the last 10 years of the marketing renaissance, that statement has only become more true.

Numbers tell us if the SEO is working.

Numbers tell us if the audience targeting is optimized.

Numbers tell us if our leads are any good…or totally useless.

So this week’s Mark Growth featured stories are all about the numbers: what to measure, how to use it and why, yes, you need to tie specific metrics to your overall goals.

Let’s get down to business. In this week’s featured story, How 3 Cutting Edge Companies are Tackling Analytical Marketing, contributor Alex Holderness examines how the way your marketing data is collected and connected can make a yuge impact on how you apply it to your strategy and tactics.

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Mark Growth Featured Stories

Going with your gut is so last century. Modern — and effective — marketers use data to back up and check their gut instincts so they’re spending their client or company’s budget wisely. These five Mark Growth contributors outline how they’re using data to break through the noise.

Using Data To Improve Your Marketing

Writer Alexander D. Riddle doesn’t sugar coat it: He says there’s a lot of people out there who still aren’t using data to refine their marketing, and that’s a dumb approach. In this article he explains how you can use data to optimize your marketing, without getting boring.

Learn how to find that balance.

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Real Estate Ads

If you’re in real estate, this is for you. Author Eyal Katz gives a thorough explanation of how to use Facebook’s many features to get your property listings in front of the right eyeballs. And honestly, the memes used in this article alone are worth the click.

Step up your real estate marketing game here.

20+ Stats that Show the Power of Content Marketing in 2018

This is a treasure trove of reasons why your business, company or client should continue to invest in content marketing. Mark Growth contributor GAIN explains that, no, it’s not a quick ROI, but it’s effective long-term.

Dig in and find some data-driven proof that content works for increasing sales.

How to Choose a Website for Your Sponsored Content: 5 Metrics to Consider

Alright, so you’re ready to hop on this native advertising bandwagon. How do you figure out your placements? Writer Alex Lashkov offers some insight so you don’t have to just guess.

Find out where you should place your native ads here.

The Art of Micromarketing and Why You Suck At It

Jonathan Greene hits a nerve with this article as he explains that no one cares if you have a 9,000 person email list. What really matters is what you do with the people who actually click the link in your email, which is usually a significantly lower number than your number of subscribers. Those people are your target audience, to whom you should be micromarketing.

Learn what you should be doing with that segment here.

Mark Growth Author of the Week

Kristen C. Healy
K.C. Healy says she’s “Writing and ranting my way through the days,” and that’s a pretty awesome way to live life. Her contributions to Mark Growth consistently get 300+ Medium claps because they’re filled with useful and actionable marketing and business advice.

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